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  1. Part of the deposit. And yes, very frustrating in many ways. He eventually returned about half of the deposit.
  2. I had bad luck with the seller trying to buy these speakers last year. Made a deal, set up shipment, and then he backed out. Claimed that he blew a woofer out while testing them. I’m pretty sure they were “sold” to chassell and to me at the same time. Hopefully chassell got all of his money back. I didn’t. Stay away.
  3. Is there more to the story? What did you do for the HF crossover? Did you feed the new horn from the HF output of the 904? I’m about to try to repeat your experiment with DE75s, a ZXPC K510 clone, and a 480 bass bin.
  4. BB. I just updated the post. The 12 inch drone is super light and you lose cabinet weight when you cut out a 12 inch circle. The T500/5000 (drone/passive radiator) cabinet height is about 5 inches taller than a (ported) T400/4000. The T500/5000 seems to be taller to better accommodate the drone. Neither the extra cabinet height nor the drone explains 15 pounds as well as video shielding needed to protect big cathode ray tube displays (remember those?) from distortion. Back to Super Heresy 2.0!
  5. T 400 is 45 pounds per speaker and the T5000 weighs 65 pounds each. (T4000 is 60 pounds. T500 is 50 pounds and it’s woofer has a 30 oz magnet as opposed to the 20 oz magnet in the T400.) Based on the sales lit for the thousand series (theater series), the weight difference between generations seems tied to video shielding not present in the hundred series. No mention made of cabinet material in either brochure, but the framing around the motorboards looks the same in all of them. The reason I suggested these as a model to Claude is that somebody at Klipsch tuned these boxes to get slightly more sensitivity and slightly deeper bass by increasing the volume of the box and adding either ports (T400/4000) or a drone (T500/T5000). I am merely speculating that better cabinetry could make a further incremental improvement. As a novice, I would probably start here—even if only to ditch the cheap woodwork on my thrift shop find Tangents. I appreciate Claude’s answer about preferring to work his own designs. Hat’s off to him and his work.
  6. 001… Can you clarify what makes the T5000 cabinet better than a T400 cabinet? -T5000 = Heresy II components with a front facing KD13 drone below the woofer -T400 = Heresy II components with two front facing ports below the woofer The T5000 is taller, but appears to be made of the same vinyl clad particle board as the T400. I am uncertain about motor boards or bracing. I would think a better motor board would make for a better cabinet. On the other hand, an extra glued in brace or two wouldn’t be enough of an improvement to make the cabinet better enough to mention. As far as I can tell, it’s not like the T5000 is Baltic birch and the T400 is sawdust.
  7. @ClaudeJ1 Did you look at the Tangents for some inspiration for your new project? IIRC, the Tangent 400 is an H2 in a bigger, flimsier box. I’ve often wondered about what the Tangent components would sound like in a sturdy cabinet with the same basic layout.
  8. Claude to clarify my question…. Do you know if Roy has listened to either of your Super Heresy recipes and, if so, what he thought about them? I enjoyed your thoughtful explanation of your journey from original Heresy to version one and then two of the Super Heresy. You’ve given the community a fine way forward that preserves existing investments and increases appreciation for what we have.
  9. Back on track - Measure of Effectiveness consideration. Has the “Chief Bonehead” ever heard these in 2.0 trim? If so, what was his reaction/impression? I know that the end product isn’t PWK original and I’m not expecting official endorsement from Roy. Knowing what he likes and dislikes could guide future development, though. FWIW, I’m sold on these already, because of the methodical approach you’ve taken to development. Easily reversed, too.
  10. Sold. Killer deal…
  11. Those Belles are really nice and Laurie is super easy to deal with.
  12. Yes. I think she still has a new pair of Oiled Oak Belles.
  13. See the last post in this thread: We’ve established that industrials tend to send more energy to the tweeters and squawkers than home use speakers do. The last post has some specific recommendations that should be helpful in tuning to your needs.
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