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  1. Chorus Is seem to respond well to four inch long, four inch outside diameter bass port extensions. Pull the woofers to get the tubes in the cabinet.
  2. To answer Dave… The online payment systems are subject to the same reporting requirements, but seem to be implementing them at different speeds. Cash F2F is great, but it limits a sales market to those willing to drive. I have used USPS money orders as a customer which are a minor inconvenience, and a mild to moderate risk. The inconvenience part is that they top out at $1K, so you may need multiples. They’re about $3 each. You buy them with cash at a Post Office clerk’s window when it’s open. It’s not a wire transfer, so you need to mail the check. You probably want some delivery insurance on the check, too. As a seller, you’ll also need ID to cash it and probably to pick it up. The seller may want to wait for it to clear, too. Shipping is a separate process we don’t need to cover here. Once all that’s done there’s the possibility you (customer) get less than you’re expecting. That includes getting nothing. One advantage to using the mail is that you have some protection, but it’s slow. Mail fraud is a pretty big deal, as it’s a federal crime. Buying via money order isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s worked out OK for me as a buyer.
  3. @Patrick D... No doubt the classic NAD 3020 would still impress. Great design that has stood the test of time. This thread is looking at the class D amp NAD has in current production the D3020. I have a mix of new and old NAD electronics, some quite powerful. Even the most modestly powered NAD will alert the WASA (wife audio safety alert) system in my house when I’m driving Heritage or industrial speakers. If my ears can take it, I can get enough dBs to overpower WASA and force that into manual control, too. Welcome to the forums.
  4. That was quite the set-up. I have cobbled together some ersatz KP-450s with Dave A’s help. (He had some 450 HF sections for sale.). These serve as mains in the basement, where WAF has the least impact on my decision-making. I’ve been told that the 456 is so much the better than the 450 (which I really enjoy) due to its improved HF section. So I’m on the hunt for 456s now… or maybe just bigger horns for the 904 bass bins. GLWS!
  5. These look to be in great shape. GLWS. As I am hopelessly curious…. What did you use for your front channel speakers? Assuming you are upgrading, what will replace the units you’re selling?
  6. Part of the deposit. And yes, very frustrating in many ways. He eventually returned about half of the deposit.
  7. I had bad luck with the seller trying to buy these speakers last year. Made a deal, set up shipment, and then he backed out. Claimed that he blew a woofer out while testing them. I’m pretty sure they were “sold” to chassell and to me at the same time. Hopefully chassell got all of his money back. I didn’t. Stay away.
  8. Is there more to the story? What did you do for the HF crossover? Did you feed the new horn from the HF output of the 904? I’m about to try to repeat your experiment with DE75s, a ZXPC K510 clone, and a 904 bass bin.
  9. Those Belles are really nice and Laurie is super easy to deal with.
  10. Yes. I think she still has a new pair of Oiled Oak Belles.
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