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  1. Amazing... Only way that happens now is for estate or other “don’t know what they have/desperation” sales...
  2. That’s a fair answer. In addition to sonic differences, LS have a distinctive presence in a room due to their depth. So even with the sound off, they send a message. That massive folded base horn’s wedge is just timeless and screams “you’re about to get a concert.” Pretty cool.
  3. So how did we devolve to togas and thongs? Given the number of suggestions I’ve received about alternatives, I was surprised that nobody mentioned Chorus I or II. Though I ended up on the large end of the scale with LS—and am quite happy with them—would the Chorus have been a suitable alternative to the LS or Forté?
  4. Look great, sound great, and were fun to build. Based on a proven design. What’s not to like? Any lessons learned? Things to emphasize? Thoughts on parts? Notes on assembly, such as mounting OT soldering? Thoughts on value / return on investment? Appreciate anything you can offer the community.
  5. @grasshopper I did a search of the forums and saw a thread on moving LS. If I have it right, you started the thread. It was key to my planning.
  6. The AAs on the 1981 LS are original. I’m assuming one way forward is to modify those AAs to this standard and to replace the AL board on the ’86 LS with the modified AA in the photo.
  7. If I were to go the DeanG route, I’d either need a third unit from him or perhaps could try this: Not sure exactly what they are beyond “upgraded.”
  8. Thanks, Dean. I’m tempted, but should wait until the end of the month payday before biting. I would also need a third, since that’s the setup that I have.
  9. Next thought is capacitors on the LS. Will have to research them. I know it’s a heavily debated topic and there’s lots of information in the forums about the network boards. The two 1981 LS have AA network boards. The 1986 LS has an AL network board. I also got a modified AA network board with the set. It’s been recapped. I suspect there’s some advantage in matching network boards and speaker components.
  10. @jimjimbo This is great. As it happens I have two AA equipped LS. So a nice place to start!
  11. Can you post a components list and sourcing? I have a couple of underemployed engineering students at my disposal.
  12. Given my recent spending spree (mid ‘80s LS and 1990 Forté IIs), I’m down to pocket lint. I’m a tinkerer by nature and old capacitors (at a minimum) are certainly going to be a siren call for me. These look beautiful in an industrial sense. Logical, neatly arranged, and with fresh, clean components. Thanks for the recommendation.
  13. For the OP... Hope this can help you regarding your La Scalas. I’m two days removed from buying my La Scalas. I live in the DC area where prices are high. The two pairs of La Scalas currently won the DC Craigslist are about $4K for mid ’80s vintage speakers. One of the two sets is actually in Northeast PA. He’s advertising everywhere trying to get top dollar. The local set is the no grille faced version, painted black, and is pretty worn. I do not think either seller will see that kind of money. Why? I paid about $2K for a three-pack of La Scalas and an extra high-end crossover. All of them are mid ’80s vintage. One of them looks identical to your speakers. The other two are the rustic, all plywood versions stained a dull brown. As to price, some long-time forum members politely suggested that I had overpaid, and others thought I got a pretty good deal. My takeaway is that the right price isn’t always obvious. As a buyer, I’m concerned about opportunity and availability, as well as my own finances when determining what I’ll pay. As a seller, your calculus is different. You want best price, but you probably don’t want to spend a few months selling them. Another thought is to hold on to them, at least for a while. Yes, they are big. They also sound big. You might warm up to them. I did.
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