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  1. I received the replacement from Simply Speakers, $18.00 delivered, and I must say it works well. My only complaint was that the lower centering hole was smaller than the other 2 centering holes and I needed to use a drill step bit by hand and make the hole a little larger. Other than that the sound isn't as bright on the replacement but it's hardly noticeable and my way of compensating was to raise the treble by one click on that side. Perhaps I'll order a second one just to balance out the sound. Also the picture is just for the part number reference as the diaphragm pictured is the old original Klipsch one. The new one has the terminals coming out on the sides, no biggie. I am definitely satisfied and I'll mess with the balance a little later as it could just be the track I was listening to at the time. Cheers
  2. This is my temporary replacement. Haha. I took a Peerless tweeter from an old set of monitors and scabbed it in just to see how it sounded. I honestly can't say it's a huge difference. I also spent many years working with power tools so I may not be the best candidate for hearing comparisons.
  3. Thanks I wasn't sure about the internals of the horn and if there was some other element that would keep it from making sound. I ordered a single diaphragm just to make certain it was something I could replace and repair myself and also to see if I hear an audible difference. Later after listening I will decide if it's necessary to replace the other. Thanks for the input.
  4. I recently picked up a pair of kg4 speakers and one of the horns is not working. When I switched the non-working horn into the working side it's still made no sound at all. When I took the working side horn and swapped it into the non-working side it began to play music perfectly. So I know it's not the wiring. What my question is does this mean the horn Tweeter is blown or does it mean it just needs a new diaphragm. I connected the k74 horn to a multimeter and got zero reading again not sure if this means new diaphragm or new complete horn? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. Why would they have to be 40 years old? What would be the problem with going to parts express and finding a mid bass that works? Have they changed substantially since then. I'm sure I would need a new crossover? Again total novice here. Thanks
  6. I found these at a yard sale a few years ago and they've been sitting on my shelf ever since. Everyone on this forum seems so knowledgeable, way more than myself, I was just curious if anybody had any ideas what I should do with them, what I'm actually looking at, and thoughts about the crossover Network? After I brought them home and connected them it was absolutely zero Bass tweeter and mids only. I'm assuming they're part of a larger system that may have had separate base cabinets? Any case I actually used one of the mids to replace a mid that had gone out on a vintage VanDerSteen II. They looked identical and actually sounded really good after being replaced. I later sourced another Vandersteen Mid but subsequently sold the set with the replacement mid still inside so I'm missing one of the mids to these cabinets. I was thinking of possibly swapping out the mids and putting actual midbass drivers and having some nice monitor speakers? Any ideas on a simple crossover to replace what's inside or what I would need to do possibly to accomplish this? Thanks for any and all response. Unknown Speakers, Any Ideas https://imgur.com/gallery/mOVTakp
  7. Before and after of the black paint. Painted Homemade Stands Satin Black. https://imgur.com/gallery/OwRDggL
  8. They will be getting a coat of black paint here shortly.
  9. I have had them propped up with some wood since I got them 3 days ago so the listening hasn't really been substantially different. They already sounded great, now they just look the part and after I paint the stands black even better. I'm surprised auto correct failed me but yeah I'm not much of a speller either, haha. Good thing there is way to edit post. Cheers
  10. I've never made any of these before so keep in mind I'm a woodworking amateur. That being said, I think they turned out pretty good. I had to use scrap wood since the quarantine so I made them from maple and walnut. I was able to use the original 1" stands as a template & took the measurements from the crite stands website. Lmk what you think as I may just paint them all black so they don't clash with the original oak cabinets. https://imgur.com/gallery/9vbf7JJ
  11. From the pictures I've seen and compared to my years model Heresy they are all original caps. Although the caps in mine are not the large siiver cans in older models but are black, rectangular, style caps.
  12. I actually have the badges one fell off and the other is still attached to the cane screen. I just think those screens aren't the best looking so I left them off. One of the screens was held on with only velcro and the other had 4 brass screws, one in each corner & I thought those where added afterwards. Are you saying originally they both had screws? In the original post Pic you can see the screws in the corners. Also I need to repair one of the screens has been pryed off and broken so long ago that the duct tape used to repair is now brittle and coming off. I will check the caps for leaks and not worry about it if they aren't leaking. Thanks for the info.
  13. Thanks for the greetings as well as the information about this particular pair I have. I must say I am impressed by how good these 37 year old speaker sound however many people are mentioning the crite mod? I looked it up and seems a bit spendy, I suppose if I'm content with the sound of them I shouldn't bother, but I am curious how much of an improvement it can make? Cheers
  14. I recently acquired these Heresey off of Facebook Market for free, so I'm completely new to the Klipsch family. I was told they belonged to the father (original buyer) & passed to his son (who gave them to me), now me. I've taken the time to clean them up and of course listen to them. I am enthralled by the fast response, & efficiency of these speakers. They are replacing some B&W DM2000 that where also gifted to me. As far as the finish goes it looks to be original cabinets & grills but the stickers are nearly all gone on the back. The finish almost appears to be oak, definitely not walnut? The serial #'s are stamped into the wood along the top & are sequential 172y240, 172y241. Thanks for any insight in advance. CheersFree Klipsch Heresy I just picked up. https://imgur.com/gallery/gCPkjim
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