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  1. Been a while since I have seen an updated price list on the old Klipsch Heritage Used Prices....think I have ver2020-05. Is there a new one out there as the link I have for the ONE DRIVE site is not updated or has moved? Here is latest copy I have.... Thanks for any help as may be considering replacing my KG-2's in my office with a pair of KG-4 or Heresy's. Thank you. Copy-of-Klipsch-Heritage-used-prices-ver-2020-05.xlsx
  2. I love it...it gives the R-51Ms some bass actually. I have them on a table in front of windows in my office and I can feel the bass at my desk 6 feet away easily. I think the NAD 316bee and the Klipsch R-51M are a good match actually. I was told they would likely produce more bottom end from speakers than the Cambridge integrated amp I was also looking to purchase... Now to get a CD Player...maybe NAD 538...so I can also listen to all the CDs I bought in the 80s and early 90s. LOL
  3. I would strip, sand and refinish them completely....replace veneer on top of damaged with birch veneer....and then refinish them all new again. If that is too much ....strip, sand, wood filler, stain all speakers to same level....put piece of smoked glass or a lava lamp on top and jam them on your favorite vinyl and forget about it.
  4. Any of the Heritage series ...vintage or more recent...would work well I would think. I am about to test my NAD 316bee with my Cornwall I's for a guy today....typically it drives my R-51M bookshelfs in my office but he wants to know how it drives the big Klipschs. I think it will do great as they are more efficient than my bookshelfs. A set of Forte would be great. I was looking at Forte's but a pair of Cornwalls popped up locally so I could not resist. LOL
  5. Been a few months and still loving these things. Took some more pics when I added the Crites risers just to catalog the inside condition as well....no real surprises for me other than how nice the baffling material seems to be still....definitely were well cared for by previous owner.
  6. The Audiophiliac seems to like most of their Schiit He has a youtube page as well. https://www.cnet.com/news/this-affordable-audiophile-amplifier-wows-the-audiophiliac/
  7. Well, I have my vintage setup in living room that I have shown a couple times recently..... Cornwall I (1978) that have had capacitors and wiring replaced and new grills. I also put the risers on bottom to raise up slightly. Pushed by my old Pioneer Elite Series C-90 and M-90 setup with a Carver tuner and my old Denon DP-59L turntable. I thought about going vintage for my office as well with something but after going through what I would want in an old Sansui or Pioneer receiver with bookshelf speakers I decided to just get what I could for fair price. I got a set of Klipsch R-51M bookshelves and am driving with a NAD 316bee integrated amp. I heard all the negative comments about the little Klipsch...but most of the complaints were from the HT crowd not 2 channel crowd. I was playing some MASTER selections off Tidal and Spotify yesterday with volume turned up to loud but not LIVE settings...and gotta say, they have plenty of bass. I am pretty sure if you have a low end receiver or amp setup...or using 90% of the Home Theater setups anything is going to sound poorly unless HT specific applications are in mind for speakers. My old Onkyo Home Theater receiver sounded like crap driving my Polks and also my Cornwalls...so dusted off my 34 year old Pioneer setup I bought in mid-80s with turntable and tuner...and was like night and day. These little bookshelfs will vibrate my big desk with bass ...still with clear mids/highs from the horn. Now it isnt deep bass of my Cornwalls or foundation thumping of a subwoofer but it does pretty damn good I think for what they are.... Also, could be my NAD 316bee that is helping with how it produces clean usable power without having to be driven hard. Just thought I would share that is not all doom and gloom using little Klipsch R-51M on 2-channel setup. I am pleased for what they are on my secondary system in my little 12x14 office at home. For record they are sitting on side table on the little rubber pads/feet that came with them..... Now to get me a CD Player for when I dont want to stream from my phone through the AudioEngine B1 bluetooth adapter.
  8. Still no regrets on price on this end. Cabinets are tight and solid, grills are tight and no sagging or vibrating....speakers produce crisp clean and vibrant music with good sound stage dispersion. I have listened hours on end and not experienced any nagging squawkbox horn tones...everything has been balanced and as expected. The only big surprise is how distinct sounds are no matter volume. Not sure how much is my old amp and how much is speaker but I like how they sound for sure. Been streaming with BT adapter into amp direct...may have to pick up a NAD or Marantz CD Player to put on rack since I have about 300+ discs.......but then I want a second system in my home office and trying decide between vintage Pioneer integrated amp and component tuner that matches.......or dip my toe into the tube world of debauchery and temptation and get one of the well reviewed import amps like the Reisong A10...find some old Heresy or JBL speakers with high efficiencty and see what it can do for me.....if I love it could be a problem....if I dont get goose bumps and a hard on then will get a vintage Pioneer, Sansui or Akai receiver or integrated amp setup later. decisions decisions. HOpe you all have a great weekend....cheers!
  9. yeah I knew that...not sure why hell I said it. Maybe too many years with home theater systems instead of my vintage setup. The woofer does not move much if at all even when driving pretty good. The previous owner runs a vintage audio repair and sales shop and felt it would help it stay a bit cooler while still keeping dust out. All the modifications came before I took receipt except the risers mounted to bottom after I got them home. Bass sounds pretty tight to me depending on album and quality of engineering....
  10. Bought 1978 Cornwall I's with upgraded caps, wires, vented cone on woofers.....Please delete post.
  11. man I love these things...been jamming every day.
  12. all capacitors have been upgraded...wiring replaced...and new vented dust covers installed on woofers in addition to the cane grills.
  13. Brock63

    Can’t sleep

    exercise in evening an hour or two before bed....with some melatonin 30 min before you want to sleep...and then you got to turn off phone, tv, stereo.....if anything only white noise to block outside sounds...and then relax to fall asleep. If that fails, a BJ always makes me want to sleep afterward.
  14. 23" seems risky for 100# speakers that were meant to be on floor. Maybe 4-6 inches but not nearly 2 feet.
  15. Okay, went and demo'd the Cornwall I speakers...loved them with solid state, tubes, digital or vinyl. Ended up paying $1300. They have new capacitors and wiring...and brand new custom cane speaker covers. They were the raw birch cabinets that were finished and sealed very well and no visible wear or chips...few light impressions from things being sat on top over decades of use but looked great. Original speaker stickers, consecutive, original drivers...just wiring and capacitors upgraded...and owner built a set of bananna plug adapters for the spade connectors on rear. Will pick them up this weekend or early next week. He had them in small room...and toed in sharply at my seating position....the soundstage was much wider than the speaker physical locations. I thought they were really balanced over all. Cant wait to put in my larger room up against wall and put on some Steely Dan Aja, Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, Bob James Obsession or other albums to really hear them...
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