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  1. If you have the space, get the Cornwalls.
  2. I suppose I was trying to say design your room around Cornwalls. With Khorns, design your house around them...LOL Like the lady working at Klipsch who bought a house specifically to fit Khorns.
  3. Move all your stuff from that end and put Cornwalls.
  4. The Technics is a "bargain" and elegant compared to those other over the top tables. :-D
  5. He has too much stuff! LOL. However, I like his selection of turntables. With Klipschorns, you need to build your house around it. :-D
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br9Pk8siBrM&fbclid=IwAR07VWm_-oBWrPPTLjwuY8J-b8_wGRbF_XDDvx1_xpwr7eNdJw_ovCdRC14 Very cool setup of Klipschorns.
  7. Sound definitely changes. I have also noticed this multiple times with guitar speakers too. https://www.klipsch.ca/blog/how-to-break-in-a-speaker https://www.klipsch.ca/blog/how-and-why-to-break-in-your-new-speakers
  8. LPs will only be for a very specialized collection of older jazz and Indian classical music and I'm starting from zero. I was not considering direct drive until very recently but after reading about these new Technics it just seems far more logical and plug and play compared to turntables with free standing motors and fishing line thread. ;-) Garrard idlers interest me but they are now too expensive and time consuming to restore.
  9. I'm using a 6 watt amp with my Cornwall IIIs but I feel I could do better on the bass at around 18 -25 watts with a parallel SET or push pull but I'm sticking with SET amps for the moment. However, La Scalas are more efficient and 6-8 watt SET should be fine.
  10. I found it started to sound good on the bass well past 100 hours with my new Cornwall IIIs. After 300 hours, it seems to have stabilized. I played a lot of tracks with strong bass but a lot of different types of music. I did not blast the speakers so it took more time.
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