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  1. Hmm, was kinda hoping for more feedback, what with all the input...
  2. Tv and existing speaker position indicated on dimensions drawing. I've considered eventually adding another pair of speakers in the same position on the opposite wall...but who knows when/if. I might also like to take the equipment out into the field at most once a year for an annual party. This may also never happen. Lastly, I'd like to locate the sub below the tv on a shelf next to a four post wall mounted equipment rack I'm going to fabricate to hold the amp, equalizer and other equipment. Plz lmk if I've failed to answer a question adequately.
  3. Forgive my utter ignorance on the matter as I'm a complete newb, but given it's a mixed bag already I'm surprised it matters so much? Would i really be ill-advised to mix it further?
  4. Looking for a subwoofer recommendation to pair with my bose 4.2 series ii speakers being driven by a peavey cs200x amp running in stereo mode.
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