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  1. Ok I'll peruse the pile. I think there's a good chance one will be there. Thanks again! I sense a can of worms a coming.
  2. I don't know if I'll need a tone arm board. This gear included a turntable base which my Dad said was made by some crazy doctor in England.
  3. Thanks Allan for the recommendation! I went for a GTE the same guy had for a little bit more. It looked a bit nicer cosmetically and maybe an elliptical stylus has some supposed advantage.
  4. I recently inherited some vintage components (see image) that I'd like to set up with a pair of K-horns. My understanding is that either of those amps would be fine but my question is can I use both the MC240 and the pair if MC30s to possibly bi-amp the K-horns. Maybe active crossovers? The question might be why and the answer is just to utilize them both just for the aesthetic *coolness factor*. The more glow the better. Any and all insights would be appreciated.
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