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  1. How can you tell they are rf-7?
  2. I had a similar experience with my T-400 and my heresys except I just kept both!
  3. I can’t believe these haven’t sold yet. I just bought a pair of tangent 400 with damaged cabinets for $220
  4. Id love to take that Stereotech 1200 receiver off your hands. I'm working on getting my brother-in-law a setup. I already restored an old pair of black lacquer heresys for him. I am located in San Jose so I could maybe meet you somewhere for a pick up. I'll send you a PM Thanks!
  5. He’s gotta cone down in price and you gotta get across the lake but... https://muskegon.craigslist.org/for/d/muskegon-klipsch-cornwall-speakers/7230502200.html I’m thinking you can sell the altec horns for $100-$200 Now go buy them and send me a 12 pack. I’m thirsty!!! 😉
  6. Have you given the 6p14p-ev a listen? I have been thinking about getting a set to try in my Eico hf-81. GLWS
  7. Thanks! I’ll crack mine open tomorrow. It looks like it might be a match!
  8. Would you happen to have a photo of the Single K52H mid driver - $40 I am trying to match one I have installed in a heresy. Thanks
  9. Hey did you ever measure the parameters? I have a pair of KP-301s and one of the woofers is bad. I was thinking of going with the k-48-st as a replacement if it would work. Thanks
  10. Hey I'm trying to get an idea of the condition of those woofers. They look great on the front, but I can't tell about the magnet it looks discolored in spots. What's going on there? Thanks!
  11. These look great! I like the industrial look as well. I have a pair I am planning to build. Do you recommend Crites titanium tweeters? Also did you keep the JBL woofer and if so did you notice a difference from left to right? One of my woofers is bad and I am trying to decide if I need to replace both of them or only one. Thanks!
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