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  1. I’d love to take these off your hands
  2. I’ll post some updates once I get them assembled. Waiting to decide which direction to go for caps.
  3. My uncle heard the heresys I rebuilt and was floored with how good they sounded. He wanted a pair so I set off to find something for him. I came across an old beat up pair for Tangent 400s and figured they’d be worth refinishing, they are essentially a heresy ii after all. I added 1/8 inch Baltic birch (thinking this might be dual purpose by adding stiffness to the cabinet) on the sides and top. I had to wood fill some gaps from the side on the rear of the speaker. Cut a 45 degree around the whole face and then painted it with exohyde from parts express with a textured roller. Still in the process of oiling it with boiled linseed. Maybe a few more coats while I decide on which caps to use on the crossovers. Suggestions welcome.
  4. Okay good news is the woofer still functions without detectable distortion. However, these are meant to be a gift for my brother in-law so ideally I don’t want to have to give them to him with a rippled woofer. Still searching! Thanks
  5. Hey everyone I was trying to pop out a dent in my rf-7 woofer today. I got the suction too strong and rippled the woofer. Does anybody have a spare lying around they would like to sell to me? Greatly appreciated.
  6. What did you end up buying and how do you like it. I’m thinking of pairing a Marantz amp with some KG2 speaker.
  7. must be a car guy... "The old ones are more rare, thus more valuable than the new ones!"
  8. He replied and confirmed they are gone.
  9. How can you tell they are rf-7?
  10. I had a similar experience with my T-400 and my heresys except I just kept both!
  11. I can’t believe these haven’t sold yet. I just bought a pair of tangent 400 with damaged cabinets for $220
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