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  1. Iv had the original pro's for over a year now, and they used to be incredible as far as loudness. I had a Diamond Monster mx300, now I have Hercules Game Theater XP sond card,and the volume is a major issue. For one, it sounds like the tweeters are overdriven or something like that, very badly sometimes. and then in powerdvd, like you say spork, the volume is very low. I have to have windows volume up all the way and the pro's up almost all the way to have a satisfactory level of loudness. So that just goes to show you it all depends on the sound card. Maybe I can still return this one... ------------------ Join my low fiber all fat diet today and you too can be an unemployed slob!
  2. Well, im almost too embarrised to ever come back to this board..im an idiot. I always overlook the simplest explanation. I dont know why that never occured to me. Thanks for pointing that out..of course.the downside to that, is that in the past everytime i adjusted the volume knob i got static in the back left speaker, and it didnt bother me much cause its far away, but now its coming from the front left..grr..cant ever win. ahwell.thanks for the tip ------------------ Join my low fiber all fat diet today and you too can be an unemployed slob!
  3. I have had the original pro's for about a year and a half now, and have been very happy with them. Recently I had to unplug everything and move them off the ground so the carpet could be shampood. When I hooked the speakers back up, I ran into a problem I first encountered when I first hooked them up but had forgotten. I plugged everything in accordingly, ex: front left and front right speaker under the 'front' catagory, etc. I go to my Aureal vortex sound program to make sure all 4 speakers are behaving accordingly. However when I test the front left speaker, noise comes out of the back left speaker, and when I test the front right speaker, noise comes from the back right, etc. It seems the inputs are mismatched on the back of the sub, unless im doing something wrong? I'm pretty sure iv hooked all the speakers to the right inputs becaues this problem has reoccured everytime I hooked the speakers up, but never thought of posting the problem. The way I got past this for the past year was to hook them up backwards, so the front left would go into the back left input, and so on. Then id test them on my sound program and it would be correct. So I did that again, accept this time the sound is not balanced. It seems that the right front and rear speaker dominate the other 2 and throw everything off balance If I hook them up properly once again the balance is restored, but of course then I face the original problem. Is it possible the wiring in the inputs is wrong? If not what is causing this? BlueMagic ------------------ Join my low fiber all fat diet today and you too can be an unemployed slob!
  4. Ok I tried defragging, then restarting, then changing the virutal memory settings to 256, then restarting, and this time it took a lot longer for winamp to freeze up on me,but it eventually did. I had to put some classical on a loop until the 3rd time when it froze. I guess I will be formatting anyway..this k6 piece of **** isnt worth the cardboard it was shipped in 3 years ago, let alone now. Thanks for your help everyone. Psycho_Wolf
  5. I'm going to first try defragging the drive tonight overnight. Then ill change the virtual memory settings. I have the duel boot on 1 partition, because I dont know how to partition the drive, and I dont wanna spend money on a program like partition magic. I installed win98 first, then installed win2k. I would like to just use win2k, but i am a gamer and i'm afraid somethings wont work right with win2k. I guess it doesnt matter since my computer is to slow to play anything lol. But winamp works just fine in 98 now, in win2k not only does winamp just stop working, but the sats sound funny as well. If defragging doesnt help, im gonna format and just put 98 on unil I get a new system that can run it right. I cant wait till I can use win2k though, im a UI **** I guess, every little improvement makes it nice to use. From the fading menu's to how the world at the top right of IE runs faster makes me say ahhhhh. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Ever since I installed Win2k over win98 so it would do a duel boot, I cant play mp3's or even regular sounds after a while. What happens is first I noticed that I'm hearing a popping noise from the sats, staticy, out of every sat. Then after using win2k for a couple of hours and using up some resources, winamp completely stopped working. It looked like it was going to play the song but it just stops and I hear nothing. So I go into control panel and open up the Sounds Menu, and I cant even preview the default ding noise. I restart and it goes back to normal, accept with the popping noise. I hear the popping noise in win98se and in win2k. Anyone have any ideas whats going on? Is my computer not fast enough to handle win2k running mp3s? lol k6-2 350 o/c 400mhz Gigabyte ga-5aa v3 3500 16mb AGP w/ win2k drivers mx300 w/ latest reference drivers from Aureal ------------------ Join my low fiber all fat diet today and you too can be an unemployed slob!
  7. I swithed the back 2 purple and green plugs in the sound card, and it fixed the problem. I think im going to send them in for some other issues though if I can do it before my warrenty expires..next month..I'm guessing Klipsch doesnt pick up the s&h tab? ------------------ Join my low fiber all fat diet today and you too can be an unemployed slob!
  8. Just today I noticed that I was not getting sound out of my back right speaker, and after switching sats I'm pretty sure its the speaker wire thats screwed up. That speaker does get moved a lot becaues its blocking a closet. I can just go to radio shack and get some right? How much will it be? I hope not much.. Psycho_Wolf ------------------ Join my low fiber all fat diet today and you too can be an unemployed slob!
  9. In the bios I believe the choices were ecp and epp like you said, and I tried both, and neither worked. It also had just the regular 'bi-directional' setting which doesnt work either. Yes I did try hooking up the printer minus the scanner, 2 printers actually, and different printer cords. It worked fine for about a week (just got the scanner and printer used) and now neither of those nor my old lexmark will print. Under each of those settings I never once got any kind of error or exclamation point in the device manager. Bad motherboard perhaps, but why would it just stop working after over a year of it working with the lexmark and then a week with the hp? This is my friends computer and I am at home so the next time im there (probably tomorrow) ill give any info you might need as to try to troubleshoot the problem. Thanks for the reply, Psycho_Wolf
  10. This doesnt really have anything to do with the pro's, but Iv been going here for about a year and most of you seem very knowlegeable. I am on a emachine, with Win 98 S.E. and I recently hooked up a new HP printer. Everything worked fine for about a week then all of a sudden the printer port stopped working. I have gone through windows help and its no help. The parallel port is enabled in the bios, and in the device manager everything is fine. I have uninstalled it and let windows detect the printer port again and it still wont print. I tried hooking up my scanner straight to it and it wont work either. I have hooked both the printer and scanner to my laptop and they work fine. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the printer port to not respond? I appreciate any help, thanks, Psycho_Wolf
  11. 233mhz min requirements....to actually play it sure, but flawlessly with no choppyness? How you explain my 400mhz chip not being able to handle it?
  12. When I try to enable dma, after I restart and try to play the movie the computer locks up so I guess something doesnt like that. Let this be a word of warning..dont touch anything from amd accept the athlon with a 10 foot poll..
  13. The dvd is a 8x samsung...what this about the v3 having some playback featuer for dvd? do I need to set that up?
  14. I borrowed my friends dvdrom so I could hear the pro's in action with the matrix. AFter hours of trying to find a demo of windvd or powerdvd that actually worked, the movie ran like it was in slow motion it was so horrible. My computer is no powerhouse but it should be able to run a dvd movie. I have a k6-2 350mhz (o/c at 400) 96mb ram, v3 3500 16mb vid card. I know you should usually have a decoder card, but im just borrowing this thing for a week. all I want to do is hear the pro's in action is there any way I can get this to work? Maybe i need a new codec or something?
  15. Now THERE'S an interesting concept..Klipsch are you listening? See through Pro's like the imac's LoL..I think i'd go with the dark green see through sats and a dark blue see through sub..that'll look just nifty ------------------ Klipsch'o'holic
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