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  1. I did and preferred it like this[emoji106] Thanks
  2. I bought myself a pair of RP-600M as surround speakers but have them hooked up in my study now. The room is about the same size as yours and they sound great [emoji106] Your Marantz will have enough power to drive them properly.
  3. I was having the same issue and did the following. Dropped the EQ to +2 Set crossover at 80Hz Set front speakers to small. Set volume level at +3 on amp. Turned the gains on sub down until i could just hear it at low volume. Moved it around a few times but works best un front. EQ has 4 setup options and using 1 for music and 2 for movies.Bass levels are higher for movies.
  4. Hi guys I’m new to the world of subwoofers. I have a Klipsch R-120SW sub hooked up to a Pioneer VSX-1131 receiver. The bass is shallow and mushy. What settings on my amp and subwoofer can I adjust to get it louder and clearer? Tia
  5. Hi folks Busy setting up my new speakers.
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