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  1. Thanks for sharing about the au 717. I have an opportunity to get one that is in the final stages of being restored by a very reputable tech. The same guy that restored my 2285.
  2. Anyone running vintage Yamaha with your Klipsch? I recently picked up a Yamaha CR 620 to flip. I’ve hooked it up to my Chorus II’s expecting it to be too bright and clinical sounding. To my surprise, it sounds pretty darn good. Not too bright and the unique loudness adjustment allows me to take out any sharpness. It really drives the bass and mid tones. I guess I was expecting the “natural sound” to be uninspiring. Now, it’s got me wanting to compare to my Marantz 2285 and Sansui 8080. I would love to hear from others running 70’s Yamaha’s amps/receivers with Heritage Klipsch. Btw.....I’m doing the sound check listing to Steely Dan.
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