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  1. Thanks @billybob for the help! Will try to update as I do repairs on them (might honestly make another post since it's sorta deviating away from this post haha), but honestly knowing myself, I might just get them repaired before I have time to document them, nonetheless I plan to post a final image product when I am done with all the repairs!
  2. @billybob Indeed interesting shenanigans from Craigslist (just realized I was spelling it wrong this entire time haha). Nonetheless, I plan on probably making another post how to go from here with fixing the horn tweeters and going from there. Although just saw how cheap the Crites Horns are and they are sorta taking my interest, we'll see though. Nonetheless, the other speaker worked fine (the non-dented one unsurprisingly) and that's what prevented me from walking away with it. I gave the other speaker a quick listen with Panama - Van Halen and Footlose - Kenny Loggins and surprised about the bass response from the working KG 5.5. I know many have criticized it as extremely bass heavy with little mids, but I feel the woofers and the tweeter horn does a great job balancing yet working together with the highs and lows to produce decent mids. Of course as much as I know, it's possible I am choosing the wrong song to listen to the full potential of these speakers (I mean I love most genres but the 80s and modern House is where it's at for me in terms of musical preference). Overall, like I said I love the speakers and glad I made the purchase. Can't wait to work on them when classes are over (got them hard finals on Monday) and finally sit down and listen to them after its all repaired!
  3. So wanted to give everyone an update about the speakers....I got them! Quite an interesting and funny story though. Overall all the drive wasn't too bad (minimal LA traffic, which is a surprise given the weekend [but I would understand why given the pandemic]). However, as I met the guy and he was wheeling out the speakers in a dolly, one of the backs came off on the speaker and yanked out the wires as the foam came out. Had to give myself a good laugh, because of that though, he ended up just selling them to me for around $100 instead, also the price was also given because one of the horn tweeters isn't working (not sure if prior to the back or after). Checked if it was a wiring issue and it was not as I confirmed by switching the horn tweeters so debating if I should attempt to get the tweeter working or just go out with the Crites route. Also going to have my dad help me out with gluing the back together and possibly painting the speaker to get it back in decent cosmetic shape. Additionally I am debating if I should purchase one of Crites crossover repair kits and attempt a repair myself, I mean the speakers sound fine to me (and I spent a lot of money already haha) but, I feel it could breathe new life into it, still debating. Anyways hope I am making sense here as type this still being all excited and whatnot. Definitely going to be a project for me, but can't wait to play a mix of 80s Pop and Jazz Fashion, with a taste of some modern Electronic Dance Music in the end! Below is a link of the photos I have taken because apparently the iPhone SE takes huge resolution photos. https://imgur.com/a/hOEPHXT Additionally, going to tag @billybob as a response to his curiosity.
  4. @billybob 300 miles round-trip thankfully. Wouldn't want to travel that distance one way haha.
  5. @billybob The KM-6s and the KG 5.2s are both about three hours away from where I live, located in Southern California. The KG 5.2 owner has never gotten back to me, but even if he did I would have just gone for the KM-6 as that's what I have always favored, and I couldn't afford anyways. It's the KM-6 guy who is willing to knock some off for my long trip. I appreciate the help nonetheless.
  6. So, good news people! I have decided to make up my mind and go for the KG 5.5s, this is because the seller is willing to knock off the price a bit due to my 3 hour commute and is willing to let me bring one of my own personal amps to test out the speakers! Nothing crazy just a spare Yamaha RX-V373 I use for driving my headphones mainly. Hopefully if all goes well, I'll end up with some slightly damaged KM-6s! (Well I'd like to call them KG 5.5s, because of the unique name of the "KG" line up.) Below are my responses to some of the members: So basically doing what you recommended @glens although I was also told the caps are hard plastic so seems the duct tape method is it. Honestly, you'd think speakers would be bomb proof because of all the delicacy haha. @Alexander I plan to try out that silicon technique you recommended to improve the look but we'll see, I am a decent solder (guess some of those university classes paid off haha) and might consider recapping as that's one of the few things I can do to breathe new life into this new speaker (besides possibly getting a new woofer possibly, and if I can afford, getting those Crites horns people talk about a lot). @billybob Seems it's a go for me! @EpicKlipschFan I plan to attempt to do the duct-tape method at least to repair the caps, but in the end I might also just leave it as I rather not have any "accidents" to my speakers with the covers off. Nonetheless I plan to pull the trigger on them, and as mentioned earlier, will bring a receiver to test them. I'll follow your recommendation, and I am hoping at least despite the minor damage that I dn't get any vibrations that's my main concern. In summary, I think I might have finally came across my dream speakers of getting the KG 5.5s! Of course I say think, because until it's in my living room blasting whatever I blast, it isn't REALLY mine. Nonetheless I appreciate the help from everyone. Don't think I have gotten something this good since getting an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 for $40.
  7. I figured as so, @billybob and @jjptkd. I am thinking of pulling the trigger for it, below are all the photos I got from the seller. It does come with the grill covers although still concerned about the condition of them as well as they seem to be damaged at least in a minor fashion. He claimed it got dented because of young kids, I mean, is what it is I guess. I am thinking of getting them though, it just seems to be calling out to me, and not to mention significantly cheaper than the KG 5.2s. I am hoping he will let me bring my own amp to test out these speakers as he says he doesn't have a system setup for testing.
  8. Still checking this post and still loving the feedback! Really appreciate the time everyone is taking to help me out here. In an ironic twist, I have decided to go for a pair of KM-6s I have found, and I am learning towards getting that (despite the damage on it, but this could still change). Of course this is all happening on a new post I made whether I should go for the KM-6 or the KG 5.2s, but feel like I should update those that are curious here about my decision. There's still a good chance I could go with the KG 5.2s if the seller offers me a lower price but we'll see. But for the time being it seems like the KM-6s are the winner for me.
  9. Seems like the KM-6s might be the winner here! I still plan to contact the KG 5.2 guy just to see if I could get a cheaper price from him as the KM-6 guy is willing to go down to $240 that's it. He sent me a higher resolution photo of the speakers, and I have noticed the center caps have holes in them as well, and was wondering if this is the final straw not to go for them? I have attached the higher res photo below. Would love feedback on this @EpicKlipschFan. Thank you all!
  10. Greetings all! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe despite the current situation we are all facing! I decided to make a new post about comparing the KG 5.2s vs. the KM-6s (hopefully this doesn't violate the rules of posting) as my earlier post was about the Tangent 500s vs the KG 5.2s (and figured this new post might give me more feedback between these new speakers, rather than continuing on the older post). Basically same situation as before, but for those that are new I'll make it short. Sold off my old Bose 201s and looking for some retro late 80s (or early 90s) speakers for my HT/HiFI setup. Came across the KG series and fell in love with the look and aesthetic (although I understand they don't compare to other speakers like the Chorus, Hersey, Cornwall, etc.) Because of my limited budget of being a university student and my admiration for the look of the KGs (as well as the KMs, Tangents, etc.) I'd prefer if the recommendations were just between the two speakers listed in the title. The amp that'll be used is the Onkyo TX-NR809 (yeah not that impressive I know) and although it's mainly for HT use, I plan to use it for HiFi music listening as well. Onto the main question though, I came across two individuals on Cragslist selling a KG-6 (I assume this is a typo and is referring to the KM-6 instead) for $280 and another individual selling a KG 5.2 for $350 and am deciding which one is better? I've heard the KM-6 is basically a "cheapo" military version that's either similar (or identical) to the KG 5.5s which my end game is to get KG 5.5s, but I would rather settle for the KG 5.2s if they're considered better. Because of the whole "cheapo" notion I heard, something about the KMs are cheaper than the consumer versions (so worse than the KGs?) I should add I do plan to add a sub sometime in the future to my setup (most likely once I graduate) to my setup, and heard the KM-6 (KG 5.5s) can quite get bassy (assuming because of the base port) and because of this I am leaning towards the KG 5.2s, but it seems like the KG 5.5 is the end game for that particular series. Last but not least, I should add the KM-6 has damage to the center cap, which is all an addition to the concern on top of the whole "cheapo speakers for the military thing" while the KG 5.2 appears to be in great shape just for a slightly higher asking price. (I have attached photos if that'll be any help.) Hopefully this post wasn't too long to be boring to read, but nonetheless I hope to get some feedback between these two speakers, and as always I appreciate everybody's time. Stay safe!
  11. I am appreciating the feedback I am hearing so far everyone, and I appreciate the warm welcome. Again I hope everyone is staying safe amid this pandemic. As to make things more complicated (and because of this I am unsure if I should make a new thread). I came across some KM-6s for a much cheaper price than the KG 5.2s, however, my concern is there's some damage to the center caps of the drivers on one of the pairs (see attached photo). Is it worth trying to consider the KM-6s over the KG 5.2s as the KM-6 is essentially an identical version of the KG 5.5? I have heard the KM-6 are cheapo models of the KG line up that were sold only in military bases, and because of this I am hesitant whether I should abandon the idea of the KG 5.2s for KM-6s instead. Again, if this is violating the rules of the thread, I'll be more than happy to make a new thread about KG 5.2s vs the KM-6s. I appreciate all your guys support in helping me jump on the Klipsch bandwagon again!
  12. I appreciate the feedback I am hearing so far. Think I'll insert my opinion here for now, but of course this can be changed as more people post. I am thinking of getting the KG 5.2s as they are somewhat nearby (being a 3 hour drive) to get them picked up, as even if I wanted to consider getting the Tangent 500, I am unable to get it just due to the fact I found out the individual who's selling the Tangent 500 doesn't ship (local pickup in a different state) so seems like the KG 5.2s are the winner for me (at the time of writing). Additionally I do not mind the sound of a two way system (probably because that's all I have ever heard mostly) so that's probably another reason why the KG 5.2s are a plus for me. With that said though, I have heard that the Tangent is actually a cheaper unit in terms of quality over the KG, is this true? I would think with the way how the Tangent is a three way driver KG (essentially) it would technically be better. If I could get feedback on this that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all!
  13. Hello everyone! Hope you are staying safe amid this pandemic. Finally sold off my Bose 201 Series IIIs after being told how bad Bose was, and was on the hunt for some good vintage horn speakers when I came across both the KG 5.2s and Tangent 500. I love both speakers due to their older aesthetic design (early 90s) and don't have a profile that's like a traditional slim tower speakers used in traditional HTs. However, I was wondering which speaker is recommended? From what I have seen they each tend to be compared to other different Klipsch speakers (Hersey, Chorus, etc.) rather than each other. The KG 5.2 I found locally on Cragslist for about $350 and the Tangent 500 for $450 on eBay. I would also like if these recommendations would be between these two speakers (as the often common response is buying Fortes and calling it good however, due to the fact those speakers are above my budget of being a broke college student, this suggestion is off the table). Would greatly appreciate the opinions of other Klipsch owners regarding these two amazing speakers. Should also add lastly I do plan to use these speakers mainly for music listening, but also for some movies and TV shows, as it'll be hooked up to an A/V Receiver. Thank you for your guys times!
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