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  1. Hello: Last time I was really into stereo anything was back in the day when 8 track tapes were the thing to have, and the best records to buy were pressed onto Virgin Vinyl... so it's been quite a while since I've delved into this sort of thing (I was never into 8 tracks and only bought cassettes (which were imho) far superior (in that they were a mini reel-to-reel tape system in an odd sort of way). In any event, I purchased the R-51PM Powered Bluetooth Speakers back in March, and just received the R-12SWi Sub-woofer earlier this week. I was hoping that someone could tell me the optimum settings for the R-12SWi; gain and lowpass (Hz), so that it will work well with my R-51PM's (I've connected both units with KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cables). Additionally, there is a toggle switch for "Phase" Control (0' or 180') and I have no idea which setting to use. Could anyone tell me what "Phase" Control does, and how I should have it set? Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to my post. Addendum: It would appear that I was able to purchase the last NEW R-12SWi on Amazon (the other one listed was in "used but like new condition") and although eBay lists a few new ones (last I checked) most ALL of the R-12SW/R-12SWi's being sold are also in used condition. Additionally, it doesn't appear that Klipsch is listing the R-12SW/R12SWi on their website. I was curious and wanted to know if Klipsch has discontinued production for those particular Sub-woofers.
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