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  1. I am currently waiting on Klipsch to reach back out to me on my service ticket as my computers no longer show the USB port on the Klipsch. I own a MacBook Pro 2012 15" non Retina ( still Unibody) and I have learned this Mac doesn't support hi res audio at all, it was 2013 models that they started supporting hi res, so it looks like if my USB is working I would be able to support playing 24/96 correct? Now lets say they are unable to repair my speakers, I know there is a digital input's and again my computer doesn't have any digital outs in that era. So what kind of recommended device could I do between my 2012 MacBook and these speakers to produce higher bit rate sampling sound? Not looking to break the bank here. But I need to be prepared for options depending how Klipsch handles the claim. Sincerely, Ron
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