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  1. This is Brandon Ashleys husband. All the info and research that I've done and when we purchased them is more than we are asking for them. The crossovers we replaced were $2,100 they have been rebuilt with all original parts. I dont want to rip anyone off that's not my intention at all. I will get some more pictures to post and go from there. I will appreciate anyone's respectful comments.
  2. I dont know how to use the website much but I did post 2 pictures. I see some in the gallery that look similar but are darker. These need dusting but I'll try to send you the pictures
  3. I am trying to sell my father in laws klipsch la scala b25 speakers he bought over 30 yrs ago. I dont want to RIP anyone off, but I was told these speakers can sell in the tens of thousands, but we were only asking 6 or less. I'd like to know the honest price for them, because I dont want to over price them
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