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  1. As some background, I've been a fan of Klipsch speakers for many years (or at least their siblings). The 1st pair of speakers that I loved were a pair of Sound Dynamics 6S (made by API in Canada who also made Mirage and Athena). API was acquired up by Klipsch around 2005 or so). I've have Energy C-7 and C-5 speakers also (I believe part of the Klipsch family). The exception is a pair of Paradigm Legend V3. My mid-life crisis is calling for an audio upgrade. The Covid-19 thing has prevented me from auditioning anything, so I've done a lot of reading in the internet (perhaps a dangerous thing). Circumstances are that I'm in a townhouse, so volume will always be low to moderate. My original search was for a pair of speakers to be run in a stereo setup to fill an open concept townhouse main floor (family room, dining room, kitchen). I rarely sit front and center for a pure listening session, but music is always on in my home. So, wide dispersion and a forgiving placement and listening location are important. My musical taste ranges from classic rock, especially from '70's, some new alternative (Alt-J comes to mind immediately), smooth/funk jazz (so plenty of sax and some vocals), and chill (lots of base beats). On paper the new Cornwall IV seems to be a good fit. But some people out the on the internet call them an antiquated design that's harsh and with poor sound stage. Apparently they're better when played at concert level volumes. I would imagine this audience will be somewhat defensive to these accusations, but I'd like to hear what you have to say. Others say that with an adequate tube amp setup, they can be quite spectacular. Again, your input would be appreciated. When things open up (I'm in Toronto, Canada area) I plan on trying to find an audio store with them for audition. Another interesting speaker that I'm considering is the Focal Aria 948. You're welcome to make comments or suggest other speakers that might suit my situation well (in the same price range). Thank you!!
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