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  1. Thank you everybody but the issue is now fixed! It was a cartridge issue for all of those that guesed this congratulations!!! I checked the alignment of the cartridge and although it was pretty good (was a little out) - I discovered the screws were LOOSE!!! So the cartridge was not being held in properly! 😳 Either came loose during transportation OR never screwed in properly during assembly 🤓
  2. Thanks so much for your advice. I've already been given a number to call, I'll let you know how I get on 👍🏼
  3. Oh really? You think it might be a dodgy turntable? I'm in Australia and had it shipped to me from Melbourne from a place called Digital Cinema. Should I contact them?
  4. Interesting thing is, it tends to get worse the further in the stylus gets to the centre, so a few songs into the album...
  5. Yeah... All seems to be as is should. So frustrating considering it's sold as a Plug and Play!
  6. No the issue isn't resolved... I've followed the set up instructions meticulously, which included having the switch set to phono on the speakers i know it'll be something simple I just don't know what it is 😬
  7. Hi all - I recieved the Klipsch R-15PM and Pro-Ject Klireftt Belt-Drive Audiophile Turntable 'plug and play' system yesterday and am having an issue with getting a clear sound when playing vinyl. It sounds quite muffled, particularly the lyrics. I know it's definately not the speakers as I have played other sources through the speakers and the speakers sound great. Anyone else have a similar set up with a similar issue? Any advice would be appreciated 🤓 Thanks all!
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