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  1. Kevin, There is no sound card on Alix. I just run mpd on Alix. I use the USB port to connect Alix to DAC. I have built a linear power supply (designed by John Svenson on AA) for Alix. I tried the Touch for about a week. I also applied Sondcheck's mods #1-3 on SB Touch. I was running the SB server on my Desktop PC running Windows XP. Yes, I used the same DAC for both. I used the optical connection to connect SB Touch to the DAC. Kudret
  2. Peter, It's nice to see another linux user. I've been using an Alix PC connected to Havana DAC. This is a tiny PC that costs about $100. I am running a version of linux called VoyageMPD on it. All my CDs (about 500) are ripped in FLAC and residing on a Synology NAS. I use iPod/iPad with an excellent app called MPoD as a remote control. I also tried SB Touch to compare but I like the sound I get from Alix better. Kudret
  3. I was looking for a pair. Only if I knew...
  4. Kevin, I have an Alix PC running Voyage MPD linux connected to my Havana DAC. It requires some knowledge of Linux to setup. I'm using an excellend app called MPoD on iPod/iPad as remote control. Kudret
  5. Here is an excellent guide for properly Ripping to FLAC with EAC. Here is the download site and lots of information abou FLAC. So far I have 182 CDs with 2120 songs. Kudret
  6. You do realize that this thread is over 8 years old. Ah, those were the good old days with Kelly, Parrot, ... Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Incidentally I just bought a HF-81. I had forgotton how nice it sounds. Kudret
  7. soundcheck's blog now has all the necessary information for upgrading your Touch: http://soundcheck-audio.blogspot.com/2011/01/soundchecks-squeezebox-touch-toolbox-20.html Please post your impressions if you implement any of the mods. Kudret
  8. There are a nuber of mods to improve the Touch. Keep an eye out on this blog. It still costs $300 in Canada. How much is it it the US? If it's more reasonable I might just get one. Kudret
  9. Based on some posts on AA Squeeze box touch also responds well to mods. I was planning to get one to try it out, but I am really happy with my Alix PC running Voyage MPD linux connected to my Havana DAC. Kudret
  10. I have a 103R that I might send in for a try. Do they have email? I have a few questions for them. Shipping to/from Canada, how to make the payment, etc. Kudret
  11. Thanks so much. I'm glad here is a new map. Kudret
  12. I found a tuner that I've been looking for a while. The seller is in Alameda, CA and I need help to close this transaction. Is there anyone living close-by who would do me this favor? There used to be frappr map for Klipschforum members. What happened to it? Kudret
  13. Hi everyone, I was away for 2 1/2 months and just got back. I've been listening to my Jubs nonstop []. I had also purchased an Acoustic Research LS5 preamp right before leaving ad didn't have a chance to hook it up yet. Oh boy, did I miss listening to music. Jeff, YGM. Kudret
  14. Hey, JC. I spent a lot of time building and finishing them. I think I am better of sticking with my day job to make money []. Unfortunately, I don't have any drawings/plans for making them. They will have to be reverse engineered. If anybody wants to give it a try, I can provide the basic measurements. Kudret
  15. Klipsch will build them for you with vener on the the fron panel. My Jubilees are the first pair made with walnut veneer. Here is another picture of one of them: I built the top hats. There is another picture on page 1 of this thread with grills on. Kudret
  16. That's actually the primary reason why I am buying it. If it plays music, that's good too.[] Kudret
  17. Thank you, both. Unfortunately, they won't ship to Canada.[] Kudret
  18. Where did you get it and how much did you pay for it (if you don't mind me asking)? Kudret
  19. Chris, I am interested in buying this receiver to go along with my new Kuro television. How do you like it so far? Do you have a source with a good price on it? Kudret
  20. Are you familiar with X33ES? I have one and I was wondering if it would be worhwhile to do these mods on a X33ES? Kudret
  21. Actually, much more than that. I pair I was watching sold for $1600. I have a single and I've been looking for a second one for a long time but couldn't find one at a decent price yet. Kudret
  22. Allan, Nice to hear from you again. I am looking for SPUs without the transformer but they are very hard to find. The only other option is to buy the ones in need of repair and have them re-tipped. Do you have a favorite place for re-tipping? I tried Garrott bros but was not too happy. May be I didn't wait long enough for it to burn in - if there is such a thing. I had also contacted Wyndham Hodgson in the UK three years ago and I was quoted 250GBP for a standard re--tipping job. Kudret
  23. Mike, Here are some instructions for setting up FLAC/EAC 0.99 and properly ripping to FLAC.The only problem I had so far was with a CD that has a deep scratch on it. I've never been able to play that track on any CD player either. Kudret
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