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  1. Marty, Can you find out which ortofon it is? RMG SMG SKG RS ??? Just the tonearm itself migh worth more (and much more) than $300. I don't know much about this tt. Kudret
  2. Unfortunately UPS denied the claim again. I found a message on my answering machine saying that there is no damage to the boxes and internal cushioning and hence they are denying the claim. I called UPS to speak with someone from the claims department but the CSR refused to connect me. After putting me on hold, she said they made their decision and it was final. They never acknowledged receiving my registered mail with Mark's letter and invoice in it where I was asking them to pay only for the repairs and not the full amount. I wonder if it would make any difference. Any other suggestions? Needless to say, I will avoid UPS like a plauge from now on. Kudret
  3. Go for it. I think it is a very good deal. As you said the improved version of 3009 is less desirable. You can sell it for $200-300 and end up owning a Thorens TD 124 for around $500. Not having to ship is also a bonus. Plinth and dust cover are minor issues. You can later purchase a better plinth for it and dustcover in my opinion is not necessary. Good luck. Kudret
  4. I had actually placed an order with walnut veneer. Then I learned that veneering was no longer done and I had cancelled my order to think about what to do next. Then I went on a long vacation and just come back. So, the short answer is, not yet.[] Kudret
  5. Thank you for the suggestion Bob. I didn't know that they always deny the first claim. Also, thanks to everyone else for sharing their experiences and offering their support. Mark Deneen was very helpful in providing an invoice for the damages and sending me a letter saying that there is no fault in packaging the amps. I really appreciate his help. I mailed his letter along with my appeal to UPS. We'll see what happens. Kudret
  6. I sold my pCATs about 6 weeks ago and shipped them with UPS. They were shipped in original packaging with $2400 insurance. UPS managed to damage the transformer cage on both units. The insurance claim was denied claiming "insufficient packaging". I am wondering if anyone has any experince in dealing with UPS and what would be the next step to recover the cost of damage (which I learned would be $430 to replace both transformer cages). Kudret
  7. Gilbert, When it comes to 10B, Richard Modafferi at Audio Classics is the man. He's not cheap though. Here is the contact information for the person I dealt with when I sent mine: Ryan W Kilpatrick Sales Consultant Service Manager Audio Classics Ltd 3501 Old Vestal Rd Vestal, NY 13850 607-766-3501 ryan@audioclassics.com www.AudioClassics.com Kudret
  8. Mike, I bought it from a seller in Thailand but I just realized that he is no longer on eBay with the same name. This seller ftom Thailand that fini has mentioned has the same item for sale. I had bought two actually and I think I sent the other one to Gilbert. Kudret
  9. Charles, Shipping was $110. I guess you paid the same. Kudret
  10. Gregg, yes I bought the plinth from Taiwan and the logo from Thailand. I asked Jakehung to round the corners on the plinth for me and he was very accomodating. It's build from 1" thick solid rosewood with superb workmanship. Considering the quality it is a real bargain, but the shipping from Taiwan is a killer. Kudret
  11. Here is mine with the new rosewood plinth and Denon 103R - as smooth as silk! Kudret
  12. I only replaced K55 and + 400 for now. This is the latest crossover I am using: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/storage/4/1032977/modified%20dhaxover.jpg and it sounds better than A. I have a pair of 2404H and just got a pair of t350 tweeters to try. Any suggestions on the crossover points? Kudret
  13. I bought Gerorge's 290-16Ks and I am using them with Altec 311-90s on top of my Khorns with slightly modified Type A crossovers. I like them more than K55V and K400 combination.. Kudret
  14. I think his moniker is RonC. I met him at the Montreal Audio show last year and he was a very nice guy. Kudret
  15. Excellent suggestions, Greg. Do a search on AA for Cinemag CMQEE-3440A SUT. I am using these with Denon 103R and I am very happy wth the result. Kudret
  16. I am looking for a pair of Electro Voice T-350 tweeters. Please let me know if you have a pair for sale. Kudret
  17. Congrats for the great score. I think this one beats Gary's free Khorns. [] Kudret
  18. Thank you, Dean. That's been very helpful. Kudret
  19. Thanks for the schematic and the layout Dean. I will probably go for solen inductors. Would 12 ga litz be ok for the large ones? Kudret
  20. OMG, Dean! They look awesome. Do you have the schematcc and the parts list? I am getting close to pulling the trigger on Jubs. Kudret
  21. Would you be interested in a Meridian 508.24 ?[:$] Kudret
  22. Mark, Is it possible to use those in tube amps as well? I have several of those and could put them in my SETH. Kudret
  23. Here is my main 2 channel system - for now (see my sig). This was my second system (Lamhorns and Marantz 7 are just sold, pCATs are on sale): Kudret
  24. Neo, Thers is one for sale in the Garage Sale section: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/101064.aspx Kudret
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