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  1. Mike, How would you describe the difference between 103 and 103r? Kudret
  2. If I get the Jubs my ultimate plan would be to get a DEQX unit so that I could use my SETH amplifiers for the top section with no hassle, but if imaging and detail are to be compromised by going active, I will surely stay with passives. Richard, in the last couple of pages distortion seems to be minimized. I like it. Kudret
  3. Gentlemen, The title of this thread is "Jubilee". Can you please create a new thread for whatever else it is that you want to discuss. Some of us might be interested in owning a pair and would like to learn more about Jubilees and do not want to read tens of pages about distortion of amplifiers, accuracy, etc. Kudret
  4. They look stunning, Mike. Kudret
  5. Hi Q, This combo certainly has more clarity and detail. I like it. Bass has also tightened up due to the enclosed backs. Instead of trying to fine-tune passive crossovers, I am planning to use active crossovers and room correction system with them. I still couldn't decide what to get. Kudret
  6. Thank you, Wade and speakerfritz. I have to admit, it's not an easy job, especially if you don't have the right tools. Once it's finished I will start a new thread with some pictures, but here is another picture for the time being: Kudret
  7. Wade, After seeing your outstanding workmanship I finally decided to go ahead and build false coreners for my Khorns. My project is not even half-finished yet as I still need to build the top sections. Here is picture of mine, with a slight deviation from yours: Kudret
  8. I couldn't read it either. The pdf file is damaged! Kudret
  9. I decided to use Type As as is with Altec 290-16K + 311-90 and JBL 2404H, and just attenuate the JBL 2404H tweeters. I just need to know how much to attenuate the JBL 2404H tweeters. I am not sure if I have to further attenuate the mid section (290-16K + 311-90) as well. Any suggestions? Kudret
  10. Thank you, Erik. I am just thinking of using Type A networks with some attenuation of the mid and tweeter sections for now. Does anyone know how much I should attenuate these sections? I can use the autotransfomer on Type A to attenuate the mid section, but how much? Do I use another autotransformer for the tweeter? Kudret
  11. I have a pair of JBL 2404H tweeters that I plan to use in the top section of my modified Khorns. One of them measures 6.4Ohms and the other 7.3Ohms. Is this going to be a problem? How much should they normally measure? Getting new diaphragms will cost me more that what I paid for the tweeters. Kudret
  12. Peter, just let me know when you are in Montreal. I also have some full-range at the moment but probably they won't last ubtil March. As for Behringer price, they were selling for as low as $209 on eBay last week (that should be around, what, ~$200 CAD []) There is a used one on eBay from QC. If it doesn't go too high I will give it a shot Kudret
  13. Here is the price list for a few digital networks mentioned on this board: Behringer DCX2496 - ~$200 Yamaha D2040 - ~$450 Electro-Voice Dx38 - $1288 DCX2496 looks like a good choice especially for beginners. Kudret
  14. Ooops, I just corrected it. It's too late for me. I've got some Altec 311-90 with 290-16K drivers and JBL 2404H. Kudret
  15. DrWho, This is what I had in mind . Does this make sense? I want to use my DIY SETH amps to power the Tweeter/Squawker and I don't want to risk damaging the drivers when powering the amp on. This also eliminates one amp from the equation and all I need to do is buy an SS amp for the woofer. Another problem I have is, due to my tube preamp I will have too many digital/analog analog/digital conversions. Another benefit of this approach is that it will enable time alignment between woofer and top section, which is more crucial than time alignment between tweeter and squawker, no? Kudret
  16. Biamping 2-way looks like a good compromise to me. Is it possible to eliminate the woofer inductor on Type A/AA and use the rest for the tweeter and squawker? Kudret
  17. Hi Erik, These are the same components Q-Man is using and John Warren has a modified Type AA that works very well with them (see John's webpage). My plan was to make the same mods on Type As (this way I would continue making use of my expensive Type As) but this proved to be more difficult than I anticipated. I also started looking into digital networks which have many advantages. On the other hand, I realized that I won't be able to use my tube preamp and amps anymore. At this point, I am not sure which way to go. If I can get John to modify my Type As probably that would be the simplest solution. Single drivers, yes I have them, but that's another story []. Thank you for your concern, I am doing well. Kudret
  18. Peter, I am replacing the top sections of my Khorns with Altec 311-90/290-16K and JBL 2404H. I am also looking into using digital crossovers. I was planning to use my SETH 2A3 amps for the mid sections but I came across this post from shawn that made me think twice before goig ahead with digital crossovers. I have tube preamps and tube amps that I like to continue using and they don't seem to integrate well with digital crossovers. YMMV. Kudret
  19. djk, Is this the graph that justifies 450/6000Hz crossover points? Also, would a 16-20uF capacitor (instead of 12uF in Type A) be what's needed for 450Hz? Kudret
  20. Shawn, 290 goes up to 7K and Q/John crosses it at 6K. I don't remember seeing any measurements of 290/311 combo. Kudret
  21. Q, I think this answers one of my questions I asked in the other thread.[] Kudret
  22. Q, That sounds like an excellent idea for phase II. Kudret
  23. Thank you, Q. So, the crossover points are 450Hz and 6000Hz (please correct me if I am wrong). I am curious to see the schematic of this network. I sent an email to John to get the schematic as the link ("http://home.comcast.net/~wooferboy/311-90.doc") to the schematic on his website is dead. I believe this is a Type AA modified with a new tweeter filter for JBL 2404H (Here is the schematic of the Add-On filter). In the past I compared Type A with AA and prferred Type A. Then, I built Type As with expensive V-caps and I would prefer to use them instead of AAs. Here they are: The question is, can I eliminate the tweeter section (2 uF capacitor) on Type A and directly use John's Add-on filter? If I can, I will just have to modify the squawker section to lower the crossover point to 450Hz. Any ideas about the cap size I should use to lower the crossover point to 450Hz? Kudret
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