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  1. How do you percieve treble gain on C1? Does it help a bit with your subdued highs? For me adding a touch of treble (+2) opens highs nicely, especially in certain speaker positions (still experimenting). Bass and loudness adjustments are somhow harming the low end of Heresy IIs, rounding it and taking the bass snap away, so I'm leaving these in flat setting.
  2. Yes, sub(s) is not ruled out. And I really appretiate your view and hints. I'll stick to current configuration for a while and eventually do pre-amp and amp re-capping in a month or two which is said to improve bass response significantly with my particular pre-amp/amp combo. Until then I'll do research on subs. Amp still has another pair of outputs free so this might be the way to go. But I guess it will be tricky journey. I don't feel I need 'more' bass, it's just that snap that is really nice with HII's on the floor. Maybe properly done tilted risers might do the trick now when L/R sweet spot is found. This tinkering is part of the fun ... isn't it? 🙂
  3. Thanks for your kind words and valuable tips on placement! It's really helpful! You are totally right @Oicu812 about putting them a bit more apart, above pictured placement really creates sonic 'shadow' in front of TV stand. That's sorted now. Unfortunatelly I can't go any further towards listening position. 1st, they loose low-end as soon as moved from wall, 2nd there's a wheeled chair next to left speaker where my wife has her laptop table and risk of bumping the speaker gets higher. For party or focused listening they can go much more apart and with toes in. For daily position, it seems I've found a sweetspot, thanks again! But I'm torn between floorstanding and elevation. I like the width and much more details with elevated boxes overall even though the bass snappiness gets little rounded. Will maybe try half-height stands than what you can see here to get that bass response back a bit and still keep the mid-high width and detail. But I'm already getting somewhere 😁
  4. And here slightly better picture with current parking placement. Tilting unfortunately introduces some weird panning issues and frequency cancellations in our living+kitchen room.
  5. Hi, I just got that same combo on Saturday. Also in decent shape, sounds nicely to my ears. I'm also planning to eventually re-cap but want to listen to vanilla vintage for some time first so I can compare later. There's nice thread with a lot of details about C1 restoration on Audiokarma. And another one on M1 restoration from the same guy. There's even Mouser BOM somewhere in C1 thread. People there report that sound gets improved from lows to highs after the upgrade. I have M1 connected to recently re-capped Heresy II's and I'm stunned with the sound although I'm starting with my own home hifi so practically everything sounds better then what I had before ... which was nothing 😄
  6. Here's a gallery. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mo9T5swUbwek7R2c8 Not so great pictures, I'll try to do sharper ones later. Still experimenting with positioning. Floorstanding has better, snappier bass but looses a bit of mid-high presence even when tilted. This seems to be easily remedied with gentle treble gain on pre-amp. Elevated position on the other hand has great width, depth and better imaging probably due to couch not getting in the way of left speaker. Elevated looses bass detail and snappiness. Dedicated sub would perhaps sort it out as many had suggested and are practicing. But I like the simplicity of intended floorstanding position (for now 😁). Also tried a few, given for free, mostly old amps with various flaws until I got the sound right, suspecting my fail on one of the crossovers. All is fine now with Kenwood Basic C1 & M1 combo which was in my budget and I'm really happy with and re-capping XO's opened the sound a lot. For evening listening sessions I slide HII's apart as far as room allows, toes in and life is wonderfull, my passion for music is regained after years of not-so-exciting headphone music 'consumption'. During the day boxes are parked next to TV table, providing more forward shooting sound projection. Until yesterday I mostly listened to Spotify or internet radios only but tried to convert a few CD's to FLAC and boy ... what a difference. My old trusty CA DACMagic (the first one, without volume wheel) and Win10 mini PC get the job done pretty well for cheap-skate like me. Oh, and here's the story how I 'inherited' HII's. (my father still lives though 😉)
  7. I just got a pair of very well preserved HII's Signature Edititon recently and while re-doing the crossovers, this fell off one of the boxes. It seems that indeed PK really touched these in Sanding Dept. 🤩 Unfortunatelly boxes have no consecutive SNs and P.R.I.D.E. sheet was only in one of them. Also the top veener patterns are not 'neighbouring' nicely but you normally don't see it as they don't stand right next to each other.
  8. Thanks for your reply, @Alexander! I've put the board on side in the end. Maybe there was a reason for it in original HIs and it adhere better to Klipsch look if nothing else. Mounted on 4 screws seems rock solid. But I'm facing another issue. One of the speakers is more silent than the other. Highs and mids are clean, just lower volume and bass is muddy, not slapping nicely like the other and also low volume. Other speaker sounds fantastic. Before I dive into and try to measure and re-solder all parts, do you guys have any idea what could be the potential culprit? I've ruled out the speaker cables and their polarity, cables between crossover and drivers incl. polarity, speaker position and amplifier. Thanks! Edit: After some tinkering it showed up the problem was in amplifier(s). I've tried 3 different ones, unfortunatelly all had problems. All is fine with 4th one.
  9. Is there an opinion or technical/accoustical aspect of where the new, bigger and heavier crossover board gets mounted inside the speaker cabinet? I'm recapping Heresy IIs, moving the crossover from terminal cup to a piece of wood. But now I'm not sure where to mount it. First and the most obvious place is bottom of the speaker. And I've noticed a few pictures of other upgrades here on forum with that position. On the other hand, Heresy Is have the original board mounted on side next to the tweeter/squaker. I can imagine that upper side mount can isolate the board and wires from direct woofer air pressure a bit since it would be covered by foam arch and prevent any cable vibrations. But the board is quite heavy and I'm worried that it could potentialy fall down no matter how unlikely it is with 4 mounting screws. So mounting on the bottom feels somehow safer. But then I'm not sure if the bottom is not vital part of the 'resonator' of Heresies design. My board will be mounted on 4 slices of wine cork silent blocks to prevent the vibration transfer from the speaker body. Also, does the magnetic field of the drivers influence significantly any of crossover parts? Thanks in advance for any insights.
  10. I'm lucky kid, grew up in 80's and first half of 90's with a pair of Heresy IIs Signature Edition which my father scored from an US soldier that was leaving his post at American embassy in Prague, still Czechoslovakia at that time. I bet these were one of the very few Heresies behind iron curtain. It seems these were not so common even in western Europe either. As a kid I couldn't fully appretiate the quality of these speakers but remember enjoying long listening sessions of vinyl, tape and early CDs of mostly jazzrock and bigbeat but also synth mages like Isao Tomita which defined my own later musical taste. I never really intended to set up home audio due to constant moving and life in rented flats. It's been just recently that I settled down and asked my dad if he's got any speakers he could donate to me. He's built a few of his own design and collected a bunch of other boxes. He offered me some to choose from, including HIIs which I immediatelly recalled had high WAF thanks to cane grills. My wife can't stand dark furniture. I'm personally not fond of black equipment either so I'm happy listener of nearly mint HIIs which were stored last ~25 years. I had to replace the tweeters and recapping is on schedule but they already play amazingly, even with tiny 15W DTA-1 Class D amp which is temporary. I feel honoured and kinda proud to be fresh member of friendly Klipsch community. This forum looks like comfy place. Greetings!
  11. Oh ... I'd take K-76-Ks in a heartbeat ... if I wouldn't be in Europe
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