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  1. I think I owe you a steak dinner…lol
  2. Thanks Randy for the heads up.
  3. Just keeping it fresh is all, I’m actually doing ok in my search….. I have P37’s and P17’s and a lead on another set of P37’s….. that center is going to be a big one to find. Someone earlier said bump the post, I let the post hit page 3 before I did…. But if it bothers anyone, or if it violates any rules, I’ll definitely not do it anymore.
  4. I bought them. But I’m doing a HT, so I need a few more…… Big thanks for the link Dan, I really do appreciate it.
  5. UPDATE: I’m narrowing my search….. Center in any color, natural, Merlot, espresso ….. P39F’s P38F’s P37F’s or P17B in Merlot…… still would buy the sides also…… yeah, I didn’t narrow it much now that I look at it..lol Thanks for any and all help.
  6. I like the looks of that room, looks cozy.
  7. Top of the list is the center, a set of floor standing speakers, prefer p39f but for what I’m doing 7,8,9 would be fine….. pair of P17b and on the wish list is a pair of the sides, I’m thinking they are the rarest of the series, followed by the center. Any help would be appreciated…..
  8. These things are hard to find!
  9. I had a Heresy for a center with my La Scala’s and it did ok, until put a third La Scala up there, the difference was crazy….. My L&R La Scala’s we’re AA and the center was AL, had to match the cross overs, it sounded wrong until I did. Good Luck on finding one.
  10. Here is my HT, well the front stage….. have a long way to go, but the journey has been fun so far.
  11. I might be interested in these, depending on location and condition. I can’t send a PM, guess I don’t have enough posts. I’m located in Iowa City, IA
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