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  1. Yes I know of the sub crawl, thank you for reminding me it’s since lipped my mind and will probably implement this technique on finding the proper location for it. I had a sw112 klipsch sub I believe and loved it for years. Was looking to upgrade and wanted the biggest and best I could find and went with a pb16. I liked it a lot but it still wasn't enough then came across jtr. I remember before just looking at that sub and videos of it just thinking if only I had that beast and how cool it felt imaging having it and that it would be all the power I needed. My goal was to get the most power possible but still retaining fidelity, another huge want was to have a sub that could go sub sonic and do that with the utmost authority. I found that with the captivator4000ulf being tuned to 10.5hz and being able to do that at around 110db and going flat in most rooms to single digits and maxing at around 130db. Mind you this was measured out side on databass so inroom response would be even more considering room gain. All that aside I wanted a beast I wanted something that I would never need to upgrade from, and I didn’t care about fit and finish some people might hate the look of it but I love it, pure power. I don’t care about room size or doing things by the book in some instances considering I’m running 4 rf7iiis and this sub in a 19x11 room roughly with 8’ ceilings. I don’t want the room to dictate what size speakers I get. I guess if I’m giving up some audio quality so be it. Maybe someday I’ll try something smaller to see the benefits. But I wanted end game, doing copious amounts of research and the final straw was my woman being on board and pushing me to get exactly what I wanted and to not settle. Lol and no it wasn't on sale or anything when I bought it they were going for about 4 grand and I got him to give me a 5% discount and a better deal on shipping. Which right after I bought it he raised the price to 5 grand and my rf7iiis raised in price too so I thought I made the purchases and a good time. But believe me this sub is worth every single penny and really when you feel and hear it’s performance it’s a steal. I have furniture slides which actually work very well with it making it so I can basically push it on my own the hard part it just getting it off the auralex acoustic base it’s on to rest on the sliders. Thank you again for your info I will implement the sub craw technique. I wish you could hear it’s power and the quality of bass it’s other worldly. I also am very passionate about movies which I’m basically speechless about like music in regards to it’s performance. Words don’t do it justice. In short I’m a mad man I will most likely have more than one in due time. There’s people that run 16 of these in there room!!! Hope all is well cheers!!
  2. I have arc genesis on my anthem avr and I really also want to get into rew. Idk when I will could be some time I’m sitting about 1/3 into the room from the back wall and my sub is up against the left wall about 2/3s into the room from my front wall about half but not quite . There’s Definitely a big null where I’m sitting I’m guessing but hard to know until I get into rew or arc and run some sweeps. From where my sub was in my last house and my mlp the bass was ridiculous I need some time adjusting to my new spot. I do want to move it and probably will it will just be hard to move it and find a spot for its 300lbs and Dimensions (HxWxD)41″ x "39.5″ x "20.5" (HxWxD) so it’s basically a really big refrigerator. It’s a 4000watt rms dual 18” beast. Thanks for the info I appreciate it!
  3. This is sickening and totally vexing lol. Well I got everything setup except my room and the where I have my sub I’m having a terrible null/suck out of bass I need to fix. Good thing it’s such a beast with unlimited amounts of power lol. I’m pretty happy with it I will figure it out to share with you guys soon thanks btw.
  4. https://next.photobucket.com/u/Youngd123 thwres the progress let me know if you’re axtaually able to view the video first time trying to figure that out. Very happy with what transpired over the past couple days, took about 8-10 to set everything up and I got a lot more to go. Still really need to fine tune everything and calibrate everything and fix certain things. But I’m happy with how it went thus far lol how is a rough draft but amazing to me.
  5. I tried to take a photo to show you the sub but it just says everything is too big. Any tips to not have to go through all the rigamarole of having to edit them and resize them every time I want to post a picture and just have it quick and easy? It’s coming along great pretty m ya h got everything in place yesterday I’m setting all the cords up today should be rocking out later tonight.
  6. That was my system before I moved. I wanted to show you other pictures and videos but it just says everything is too big, very annoying.
  7. Your system is insane, Im freaking out trying to figure out how it would sound, and what kind of numbers it is capable of. I’d love to hear it. Badass system man really well done I can see you put a lot of time, energy, and love into her. Enjoy
  8. How does she run? What kind of music do you listen to. Did you wrap those yourself? Also what inch woofer are the subs? Sorry for all the questions lol
  9. No not exactly but I have a good idea of where it will be , it’s so big there’s not many optimism to choose from. Then again if I wanted I could probably just rearrange the room around it lol. Also, thank you this thing comes up to me over half way and I’m over 6’ and weighs almost 300 pounds. It’s just completely bonkers but it is well worth it. The things it can do how much power it puts in the flick of a remote and how much authority it has at basically any frequency it’s a must have. The power is other worldly and it matches beautiful with my rf7iiis. What do you run my friend? I will let you know where I place it when I get there and probably have pics..
  10. Will do, I will probably wAit till the weekend when my girlfriend is off work to help..
  11. Hi all long time no see. I’ve had my system for some time now and have absolutely been loving them. I’d like to say thanks to everyone that helped me with all the advice I needed in the past with choosing my gear. I couldn’t be happier with what I have now. I’m finally moved into my first house and got all the speakers moved into the new location. The living room where the speakers will reside is relatively 11’ by 18’. I guess first I’d like to list my setup. I run 2 rf7iiis for my mains and a rc64iii for the center. I power that front stage with a Parasound A31, the rest of my speakers are run with a Anthem MRX720. 2 more rf7iiis consists for my rears and two rb51ii bookshelf speakers for my back rears or w/e. I also run a Jtr Captivator 4000ULF LP. Ideally I think I would like to have them on the short wall and with that setup I should be about 12’ from them in my mlp. In the past I was about 12’ from them aswell and had the front left and right speakers about 10’ from each other if memory is serving me, which worked great for me. Practically doing the equilateral triangle technique or w/e it’s called but being slightly further away from them that they are from each other. With this info in mind I will probably try to mirror this technique. I’m open to everyone’s opinions of course with each step of this setup. Where should I set them up in my room, how far apart should the speakers be, and how far away should I be, considering the room size and dimensions and where I will be in the room, tow in also? Thank you all so much in advance hope everyone is being safe doing well and rocking the heck out. This system is insane and only wish I had way more room for it, one day one day… I really will appreciate any help this will be quite the undertaking getting everything set back up properly to get the best sound possible. I have no room treatment btw.
  12. I actually don’t really like how it sounded when I had them like that. And I use my rc64iii as my center a lot of the time when listening to music anyway so it would be basically pointless to have them set up like that since I’m using a center for music as well. And even without using a center I thought it Definitely took away from the entire experience and sound quality of them, but I didn’t mess with it that extensively and might try again. But from trying it I don’t see why people would listen to them like that from what I’ve learned what the benefits are suppose to be from having them set up like that I just didn’t see or hear any benefits. I have the tweeters pointed about a foot or so away fro each shoulder, right speaker pointed like a foot or two to the right of my shoulder and so on. I found that sounds amazing. Really the way you have them set up is more forgiving than what people say for sure. Having then like that I get all the benefits of having them pointed straight at you but just a little smoother along with others. And then center imaging and entire soundstage is so on point and vaster than anything I’ve ever heard and they disappear immaculately/superfluously. I have them about 110” apart from the middle of the tweeter to the middle of the other tweeter. and I sit about 135” away from them in my most comfortable listening position . I’ve already found how I like how they sound. Wanting to know if there’s a rule of thumb that sounds beat for these speaker. I have them perfectly symmetrical inside the room. And my room is 13 by 15 with a hallway that extends to the door to the bathroom making it 13 by about 20 with 8’ ceilings. With the way my room is I only have them about 16 inches away from the wall. Also, from the front of the tweeter is exactly 25” away from the side of the wall. And I haven’t noticed any problems with it that distance or boomyness. But if I did move them out what benefits should I expect to notice in doing so.
  13. This is for any floor standing speaker placement but mainly I am curious about what is some of the best positions for the best performance for the rf7iii. Should I have them right at my face, towed in like crazy or towed out, what the best all around. Currently I have them slightly towed out from pointing directly at me.
  14. They actually use hickory instead of walnut on the walnut rf7iii.
  15. Thanks you so much this is a very informative post thank you. I will actually probably buy one or the other.
  16. Lol I might have to take you up on that cause it probably can’t get much worse lol. West side.
  17. Thanks for your help Regardless. Appreciate it.
  18. Don’t know if this is the right place for this or not sorry if not. I’m making this topic for people that need in person help and for people that are willing to give it to help get a home theater or music system going or just to fine tune it. I myself also need some help if anyone is near me that is willing to come out to my house, my system is already up and running just need to fine tune some things. Pretty new to this whole game so I’m trying to learn and I think some physical guidance would be best. Also anyone that would like this could also post here too. I fee kind of silly making this post but I thought it would be worth a shot. Thanks guys. location: Indiana
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