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  1. They actually use hickory instead of walnut on the walnut rf7iii.
  2. Thanks you so much this is a very informative post thank you. I will actually probably buy one or the other.
  3. Lol I might have to take you up on that cause it probably can’t get much worse lol. West side.
  4. Thanks for your help Regardless. Appreciate it.
  5. Don’t know if this is the right place for this or not sorry if not. I’m making this topic for people that need in person help and for people that are willing to give it to help get a home theater or music system going or just to fine tune it. I myself also need some help if anyone is near me that is willing to come out to my house, my system is already up and running just need to fine tune some things. Pretty new to this whole game so I’m trying to learn and I think some physical guidance would be best. Also anyone that would like this could also post here too. I fee kind of silly making this post but I thought it would be worth a shot. Thanks guys. location: Indiana
  6. Is there anyone here that has some rf7iii or just some klipsch speakers that know a good dac that’s matches up with them well or just a dac I’m general that is of decent to high caliber quality? I’m looking for a nice good dac that’s of high quality that will give me better sound quality than the dac on my anthem mrx720 that is also mqa compatible that will unfold the mqa Giles so I can get the beat quality out of them. Thanks
  7. God yeah I wish I could find somebody in this area that could do that. That would be amazing. It’s really hard for me to read on a computer because of my head problem so I do what I can.
  8. Lol dude they all sound the same... you didn’t answer my question at all lol 🤦, I’m not hyper focused it’s just hard to get a straight answer from people and an answer I can actually understand..😢. I just want to get the best quality out of my system that I can and programs I use. I wish people would be like here get this get that do this, that will make your system run perfect to how you want it but everyone always speaks in a foreign language to me and seems to answer every question except mine lol. It’s just me but lol. What things should I be focused on?
  9. Ok so my system doesn’t support mqa so what quality should the sound that is coming out of my speakers be. My tidal steaming is telling me to set it to 44hz. Tho I already have it set to exclusive mode of whatever so it should change it for me but I guess it’s not. I’m so ducking confused. My computer usually sets it to 48hz but I usually go and set it at the max 24big 192hz. Is 44hz what my system should be playing at? I have it set to master quality but we already establish my system doesn’t support that I know, so is 44hz what it should be playing at and is that what I should aet it too?
  10. I’m confused how will the music play at 88 or 96hz when tidal is telling me to set it to 44100hz? I’m so confused. Why is it telling me to set it that low? Also why did you contradict yourself saying if I do the first unfold In tidal then I will see a 96hz steam but then you said the backward mqa stream becasue my system doesn’t support that will be slightly less than cd quality. God everyone on here confuses me. Are you saying I have to somehow figure out a way to do the first unfold with some type of program for master quality songs then I will see a higher hz stream? How do I do the first unfold?
  11. Who ever else has a power amp and the rf7iii where do you guys have it set? I have mine half way.
  12. Yeah read the manual but that doesn’t say what it is which had to do with voltage between the two. I wonder what the optimal position for the gain with my rf7iii and rc64iii and anthem mrx720.
  13. JoeJoeThe3rd


    I thought it would be cool to have two sets of lcr.
  14. JoeJoeThe3rd


    O does it ok. I want to try but don’t want to damage anything.
  15. JoeJoeThe3rd


    So I have a quick question. If someone has a power amp say on the front sound stage. Your powering your left, right, and center With said power amp. Since that power amp is powering those speakers on the receiver the left, right, and center spots are open with no speakers wire going into them. Is it possible to plug in another left right and center to those open spots and basically have two sets of LCR and let the receiver power the second pair? Would this work, could it damage my receiver or would it even work and if so are there any reasons one wouldn’t want to do this? 🙏
  16. JoeJoeThe3rd


    What is the ideal position for the gain knob on the back of my power amp for my speaker? Which I run a parasound a31 and a pair of rf7iii and the rc64iii for my center.
  17. The only problem is with my Xbox one I get quite a bit of background noise and static with my Xbox. They don’t seem like the quietest price of equipment. Or it might be a ground loop and I a cheater plug won’t fix it..
  18. I’m also looking for a good 4K hd or uhd Tv or whatever it is people are buying these days to watch dvds.
  19. What is this treachery you speak of? Lol, what is Oppo?
  20. Sorry wasn't sure where to post this, but I’m looking to buy a nice quality Blu-ray player for movies. Is that what people still use to play dvds right? Any suggestions for a good quality blu-ray player? Thanks guys!
  21. A little bit janky setup right now but she’s my baby and I love her, but that sub will be up in my system soon. as soon as I can find the extra helping hands to get the 350lb beast moved lol.
  22. I read it through again. I already have it set to master quality and I exclusive mode and force volume selected. Is there a way to see and make sure what quality the music is playing at?
  23. The way I look at it, I want to use my system to it’s full potential and not squander it. But ify.more peace of mind thing I guess then. When you have a head injury and you’ve been stuck in your house all year you look for anything that will keep you busy and it’s something I love.
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