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  1. All - I have some spare parts that I want to clear out. Please take a look and let me know. Prices are OBO. Thanks K77M - $130 pr (SOLD) K55 - $75 (one only) EV1831 - $25 (one only) AL-3 - $50 (1 only) AL - $25 (1 only)
  2. I hear ya! I can’t move on to the KHs until these go....which considering what’s happening in the world isn’t a bad problem to have. I am flex on the price. Thanks.
  3. OK, thanks, just making sure it could be seen. Thanks for the comms check.
  4. SOLD: Hi All, Gloss Black La Scalas with Bob Crites' XOs (A-4500), Drivers (A-55G), Tweeters (CT-120), and new gaskets. The cabinets are gloss black and are in good shape for their age. These speakers sound fantastic with my Heathkit monoblocks or even the CJ SS amps. I am in the DC area and moving up to KHorns. Thanks.
  5. Fantastic results, way beyond my skills. Thanks for the info.
  6. Hi All - I am looking to buy one (or a pair) La Scala K-400 (metal) or K-401 (composite) LS horn and the bracket associated with them. Thanks.
  7. Woofers installed, look clean, Sounds fine, and I bought panels and gasket material to seal them up. I might rotate them just to be safe. Thanks for the advice
  8. Since these were the first and only LSs I have ever seen I didn’t think to ask about bottom panels. Now I know.
  9. Old post I know but can you use basic plywood screws? 1 1/4” ? 4 per side? I just picked up a pair of Original La Scalas ($1200) because the owner upgraded to K-Horns due to lack of bass in the LSs. Both bottom panels were missing. Just picked up the Baltic birch 3/4” panels. Thanks.
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