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  1. I am building out my HT room located in my basement and wanted to get your opinions what I am thinking. Room Size: 17w x 23d x 8h Screen: 120 inch Projector: TBD 4k Receiver: TBD but leaning towards Marantz SR7013 Front Right/Left RP-600M Center RP-504C Side Surround R/L RP-402S Rear Surround R/L RP-500SA Atmos Height CDT-5650-C II Sub (2) SPL-100 I think I am rather set on the center speaker, and my current design for the cabinets below and to the side of the screen will accommodate the book shelve better than a floor standing option. Would it be better to stay with the RP-500SA for both the SSRL and RSRL? Alternatively maybe better to stay with the RP-402S for both SSRL and RSRL? Thanks for the help this is my first real HT attempt.
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