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  1. That's fine advice and all, but as someone who has lost a ton of time waiting on hold and getting frustrated with getting transferred around and dropped, I was kinda hoping that we could solve it with our combined experience. I mean, kinda defeats the purpose of threads like these if the solution is just, "Call Klipsch."
  2. I am also having this issue with my Sixes. I will do a full reset and then it works fine for that short period of time, but I get the problem all over again if I switch to any other input and then come back to bluetooth. For some reason, it seems like the speakers stop sending out the "find me" signal or something... ALSO, I am having a weird issue on TOP of all this that maybe the hive-mind can help with.... If there is any quiet part in dialogue (youtube videos of people talking especially) or music with any quiet between notes, the next sound will be cut off. The first beat of every track gets cut off like the speaker is going to sleep when it perceives even the slightest silence. During dialogue (provided there's no background noises) when one person is done talking, the first word of the next person talking will be cut off. Is this some power saving setting that can be disabled?
  3. My TheSixes are doing a strange thing. After ANY period of silence (even for a split second) sound will cut out briefly until it senses sound again. So, during quiet scenes with no background music, the first word of every sentence will be cut off or the first drum hit on a song will be absent. I have reset the speakers and done all the standard things. Any help? Is there some power save setting I can disable somehow? When I turn them on...well, I want them ON.
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