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  1. I live in ct but travel for work from Washington DC to the Canadian border in Maine and everywhere in between. Thanks-
  2. I’m looking for 2 rf7iii and 1 rc64iii used in black. Also 2 15” copper subs to match. I see them on eBay for a decent open box price new but wanted to reach out to the community before pulling the trigger. thanks
  3. Thanks Bill, Nothing gets me more fired up than someone questioning my integrity. Much appreciated
  4. Everything sold except one amp. I am: benjmar_8986 on eBay benny33 on here benjamin j Martin in real life make sense now toolbag? I sold them for less on eBay cause it was quick and easy and the buyers paid shipping. I cannnnot believe I’m responding to you, I just hope no one believes the slander you created on here.
  5. See that?? That’s me signed in as the seller on eBay. Mind your fn business.
  6. Get the facts straight before you slander me. I had most of the equipment for close to two years and sold my home in July. everything except two 650s were purchased from a gentleman in Maryland. I decided to keep one aragon amp for a bonus room above the three car garage for my kids 40x20 space. I’m now putting a system together consisting of: 1x rc-64iii 2x rf-7iii 2x rp-280f 2x spl-150 2x klipsch sidewalls 4x klipsch ceiling “I do it for the kids honey!” And for dcalvrine: I cannot believe how much time you put into all that bs you posted and the messages you sent me. Focus your time on advancing your life instead of slandering my name. I fell in love with klipsch like everyone else here so chill out with the negativity.
  7. I’m looking to get 1k a piece if you buy both and $1200 for just one. I didn’t purchase the center 650. Good thing thanks for the interest
  8. The wife put the kabosh on my dream setup I have been building for my new house. And yes I considered getting rid of her. Now I’m in the market for in-walls..ughh🙄 Kl-650THX Ultra2 (pair $1,800.) Condition: 1st Brand new in box 2nd Brand new in box but has cosmetic damage on rear corner from shipping. (Perfect for behind screen setup) KS-525THX Ultra2 (pair $850.) Condition: Mint. Still in original factory foam mould. Aragon 3005 THX Ultra 2 (Not sure I want to sell but everything is for sale) Condition: Mint. No major scratches or blemishes These things must weigh 100lbs. Onkyo THX Ultra2 PR-SC885 ($400.) Condition: Mint. No major scratches or blemishes Monster HTPS 7000 MKll Powersource (Undecided) Condition: Mint. Still has protective film along with manual and sticker labels for cords I have a lot invested in this setup. I’ll consider any reasonable offers for the whole setup. **it won’t let me upload all the pictures. If you pm me I can send all the pics to email.
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