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  1. I’m looking to get 1k a piece if you buy both and $1200 for just one. I didn’t purchase the center 650. Good thing thanks for the interest
  2. The wife put the kabosh on my dream setup I have been building for my new house. And yes I considered getting rid of her. Now I’m in the market for in-walls..ughh🙄 Kl-650THX Ultra2 (pair $1,800.) Condition: 1st Brand new in box 2nd Brand new in box but has cosmetic damage on rear corner from shipping. (Perfect for behind screen setup) KS-525THX Ultra2 (pair $850.) Condition: Mint. Still in original factory foam mould. Aragon 3005 THX Ultra 2 (Not sure I want to sell but everything is for sale) Condition: Mint. No major scratches or blemishes These things must weigh 100lbs. Onkyo THX Ultra2 PR-SC885 ($400.) Condition: Mint. No major scratches or blemishes Monster HTPS 7000 MKll Powersource (Undecided) Condition: Mint. Still has protective film along with manual and sticker labels for cords I have a lot invested in this setup. I’ll consider any reasonable offers for the whole setup. **it won’t let me upload all the pictures. If you pm me I can send all the pics to email.
  3. Also, I currently own (2) ARAGON THX 3005 amps which are 300watt X 5 channels and a onkyo THX PR-sc885 which doesn’t incorporate the atmos. Are these amateur components for klipsch pro speakers? Any recommendations?
  4. Hi all, I am purchasing (2) kpt 942s with the quad 15” in the bins. my question is what would be the most ideal speaker setup for my home cinema? my plan is to use: Front L & R: kpt-942 Center: buy a matching kpt-942?? Rear L & R: Kl-650-THX (I currently own) Side L & R: Ks-525-THX (I currently own) Subwoofers:???? (4) ceiling ATMOS speakers THX 5002 S or L?? The gentleman I’m purchasing the KPT-942s from says the 402s have the new 691 drivers. I believe he said these don’t need to be bi amped as these have a custom capacitor setup? I was hoping to have the whole system THX but I obviously know that there’s a lot of good equipment that doesn’t hold the THX CERT. Can some of you Klipsch Veterans tell me if I’m on the right path and give me a rundown on what you like or dislike about the setup I’m starting to gather. All comments are much appreciated.
  5. Looking for (1-3) K-402 horns. I’m not concerned if they are marred or have any cosmetic defects.
  6. Glad to finally Have joined. I got the klipsch bug 3 years ago and it’s truly a passion. I live in CT and I’m selling (3) kL-650s-THX speakers for $2,200. I haven’t decided if I want to sell the remaining equipment in the picture. I’m potentially in the market to trade and pay cash for some jubilees. I don’t feel like I’ve done enough homework on them but I’m leaning towards the below setup for my next HT. Left,Center,Right: (3) Jubilees W/ TAD 4002 Sides: (2) KS-525-THX Rear: (2) KL-650-THX Ceiling Atmos: (4) KL-650-THX Additional Subs: unsure Acoustic screen so center jubilee doesn’t get in the way. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  7. Selling a set of (3) KL-650-THX in mint condition with original form fit foam and manuals. No scratches or flaws. Selling cause I’m moving and have two sets.
  8. I’m selling 3 mint kL-650’s. I have original manuals and the form fit foam for shipping. Great set at great price. $2,200. I will take more pictures when I get a chance.
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