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  1. Believe it or not I was in a similar situation. I have Cornwall 1’s with rp502 surrounds. I use to use a rc-7 but did not have the room for it in my current setup with limited height. My current center is a rc-34 it requires about 7-10 dB boost to keep up with the cornwalls and my marantz had to cross over the center speaker at 110. the voices will never be the same as running a huge center but I leaned some tricks that helped. my marantz 5014 has the cornwalls set at -10 dB and my rc-34 set to -5.5 which I boosted up to zero dB. My 502s surrounds are also set by marantz at -10db. The thing that did not match well where the lows between th center and cornwalls, the fix was for me to set the Cornwalls to full size, the center to small and the subwoofer as LFE + mains so that All three channels had doubled efforts by the subs. I did the sub cross over at 80 (marantz will still send up to 110 for center) this seemed to balance well. I play tv and movies at about 52-54% power, with most stuff at -10 dB I’m using 30% amp power from what the on screen display says. ill let you know right now, my pioneer 502 amp wAs unable to pull this off well, and I had to run the rear and cornwalls at zero dB and the center at +10 dB, and I had it turned up to -30 to -20 for movies which was almost all it could dish out. Makes me wonder how they got the power raiting claim on the Pioneer. Kudos to marantz for individual cross over points for each channel and for each input! not sure if that will work for you but that’s why they have return policies on speakers if it does not. Hope that helps! be good! -marc
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