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  1. Now spinning:


    Conan the Barbarian


    With my better reiceiver and cd player one can really hear its age...


    Ed.: Just saw it out of the corner of my eye; there is a new recording, bigger orchestra, the way it was sopposedly planned for the movie, two discs.

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  2. Here I go again... Trying to get a pair of KG 2s, I´m in Berlin, seller is in the south, Bavaria and and won´t ship or so says the add...

    Send a message, wonder what the reply will be? This is the third pair I´m on, 50€...

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  3. And I recently observed that an old/ bad gasket can have great influence on the sond. I replaced the gaskets on my Heresys ( They were 40 years old) and clarity and imaging improved markedly. The old ones were still firmly seated and there were no observable gaps, still something changed.

    Maybe, whoever took that horn apart, did not screw it back together firmly enough and it´s "leaking".

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