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  1. I already feel some remorse coming to this thread and seeing the photos posted. Beautiful indeed! They are truly furniture grade speakers cabinets. I wanted to note that the packaging, while is good condition, did have a bit of compression on top hat boxes in the corners. Nothing that came anywhere close to the speakers themselves, but I thought it wise to highlight here for transparency. Jim
  2. Hi Everyone, I am new here to the Forum, sorry my first post is a for sale ad, but I imagined there was no better place to sell a pair of these than here. I have eBay references, as well as Audiogon, but most importantly, I'd like this to be a face to face transaction for all involved, so hopefully that removes any worries for us here. What is for Sale: For sale are my as-new AL5's in American Walnut, purchased new July 2019, a-stock, shipped on a pallet directly to my office and then taken home with the help of some enthusiastic audio friends. Perfect condition, ready for a new home. These were enjoyed in my main listening area driven by a variety of amps, recently a Mark Levinson 585, a Hegel H390 and my Denon 4520Ci. Currently setup with the Denon and a pair of SVS SB3000's. Reason for Selling: I love them, flat out, they are the most amazing speakers I've owned ... but the WAF is getting the better of me here and it is time to move to a smaller cabinet. Not 100% sure what will replace them, but it is going to be a slimmer tower with admittedly less performance. Where: These are located in Peachtree City, Georgia about an hour south of Atlanta. I have all of the original boxes, manual, etc. These were unboxed and put in place once, never moved again. Price: Looking to get $6000 for the pair. Local Pickup at my home. Demos are welcome for any serious buyers. Thanks Jim
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