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  1. SBQ


    I will have to look into making corner panels. I've seen some to place Khorns away from corners but would not of thought it would help having them in the corners. I suppose not ALL corners in houses are built equally. Plywood best choice? What thickness?
  2. SBQ


    Ok i've decided not to buy spares, was something to consider long term. Bob Crites i'm uncertain as I prefer original despite how awful the AK4 crossover network sound. Nothing wrong with point to point wiring but in my tube amp building days, I find it a shock to see bundled wiring and messy component leads with gobs of solder. I've learned there are AK4 in PCB.
  3. SBQ


    Ok i've discovered something on the ohm difference reading. Looking at the 1st photo above, the left side is the woofer connection. The leads from the woofer - top left are soldered on to the inductor (positive lad) and then ends at the bottom LF binding post. Apart from that, I must say the AK4 is mess and not surprising Klipsch didn't make this board for a long period of time.
  4. SBQ


    I've opened up my Klipschorns to look for a pair of replacement woofers. It appears I have the K-33 but I see that there are current ones saying it should be K-33E. These are 2002 or at least on the AK4 xover has a QC sticker saying OCT 2002. Can someone point to me where I can get genuine Klipsch woofers? I read that Bob Crites has his ones but uncertain on the difference (he offers both cast and pressed steel). Another thing is i'm in New Zealand and online at Speaker Exchange wants $218 to send which is nearly as much as the cost of the drivers. Look at the mess of this xover - all point 2 point and what's the deal with lump bundling Monster Cables? and here's the printing on the magnet - 4 ohms (I thought they were 8 ohms?) Anyways i've discovered a problem. Using my voltmeter I measure at the LF binding posts of 4.5 ohms but when I use the probes to measure directly at the woofer's terminals I get 4.1 ohms. Should I be concerned? and the woofer is only attached with 4 screws - I hope this was not a cost saving measure?
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