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  1. Welp... between that and the random crashes, that makes this the flakiest little speaker I’ve ever gotten. And that’s such a shame, it’s got an honest sound to it, but I can never rely on it to play or last. It might work today, it might not work today, that’s like putting out something and not testing a single use case. Thanks for letting me know!
  2. I mean, it's Apple, but it's also not Apple. Other companies have figured out how to keep a stable BT connection, I guess Klipsch is saying go with some other brands? That's the impression I'm getting anyway. I have similar problems with a tiny Heritage Groove, though it's a little bit different. Besides a lack of battery status, it'll intermittently decide to stop working. I've tried simply asking Klipsch, but never got a reply, so I dunno, maybe bluetooth just ain't their thing?
  3. Hi, I'm at my wit's end here. I purchased the Heritage Groove from a local retailer in Finland, and I've tried twice in the past 3 months to get a reply from Klipsch but they simply don't answer emails. Asking here in the forums is pretty much my last resort before just giving up this speaker entirely. It's got a nice sound to it for a speaker so small, and the design is very nice, but how do you tell how much battery is left? It's BT 5.0, and yet no way to tell how much charge you have left at all. And at 8 hours battery life max, being unable to see the battery status... well, you could say it's the little things, but it certainly starts to suck. Along with this issue, I've read others around the internets having the same problem, but it'll simply crash. It'll just stop working, and the only thing to do is to turn it off, plug it in, have it recharge quickly because it wasn't out of charge, and then be able to use it again. I mean, that seems fairly primitive, like barely-working kind of bluetooth, and yet it's 5.0. I asked in an email if maybe we'd see some sort of firmware update, or if they were aware of this issue, and what to do, but to just ignore emails for the better part of 3 months, it gives the distinct impression that they really aren't interested in these products or those of us who bought one. And sure, it's not the high end stuff, but still, why sell it if you'd rather us not buy? It's not the bugginess of the speaker. It's not the documentation that reads as if it was written by someone who never saw the speaker. It's that the company just ignores customers. I'm a mid-fi sorta headphile, and man was I told wrong about Klipsch. If anyone has any idea of a key combo that unlocks a magical battery status, please let me know! Otherwise, be careful buying one of these little things. They look the business, they sound nice, but they're a pain to live with.
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