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  1. https://akroncanton.craigslist.org/ele/d/homerville-klipsch-chorus/7223200536.html
  2. No, someone north of Cincinnati answed my Craigslist ad. They're mint,had the tweeter diaphragms replaced, and the crossovers rebuilt by crites.
  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys, I ended up getting a mint pair of chorus 1s, an hour away from me, shortly afterwards so I'm quite content atm. I'll jump on a pair of 2s one day when the right deal comes along 🤞
  4. I messaged him, he says he did in fact list them. A moment of "temporary insanity"; he found other speakers he wanted to try out and figured making the choruses sell quick would push him in that direction. Frustrating, as I tried on two different occasions to pay him hundreds more for them. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Someone got a crazy deal I guess....
  5. When I talked to him there was no mention of doing anything sketchy pay wise. We talked at length back and forth about the speakers and even all the different amps he's ran them with and his thoughts on them. He came off as completely legit and I had no qualms driving there and paying him in cash for them. That's why I'm genuinely scratching my head trying to figure out exactly how this scam would have played out... The whole thing is so strange.
  6. Beats me! I find it interesting that he's sticking to the story of the passives being dented in. I understand knowing the usual mods and trying to use that knowledge to gain someones trust, but why concoct a story about the passives being pushed in and sticking to it for so long? I agree the selling price is very fishy though. Edit: also like I said, he sent me several more pictures that were clearly these exact speakers and in the same room.
  7. I think the person who listed that ad is the same person with those speakers. He listed the same mods that he told me about and he had many more pictures of them in that same room that he shared with me. The seller of those risers probably uses pictures sent from customers for his ebay ad. I allowed a seller of LED bulbs to use a picture of my McIntosh amp in his ebay ads. I just don't understand how he went from not budging from 1400 to selling them for less than he originally paid, losing close to a grand on them after all those mods, in the course of a handful of months. That's whats got me scratching my head 🤔
  8. I tried to buy these (he replied to a wanted ad I listed). he started off by letting me know he had over 1200 in upgrades in them (he was wrong, he sent an itemized list and was several hundred over the actual cost on a couple parts). Once I pointed that out he stopped replying! Said he didn't want to sell them. He originally said he'd let them go for 1400. I emailed him a month later, frustrated that I still hadn't found any speakers. Told him Id pay his asking price, after a few emails he once again told me he doesn't want to sell... Anyway, I'm surprised he'd end up selling these at 800, he supposedly paid 900 for them and has several hundred in upgrades in them. If he actually did sell them for that someone got a great deal and he took a huge haircut.
  9. This is interesting as I was put in contact with a "rich" who wanted to sell me a pair of choruses, of course he insisted on only being paid via bit coin, no thanks.
  10. Thanks, but I don't think I'll be able to get out your way anytime soon. Anyone in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan area got a pair of these they're willing to part with?
  11. Hi, I'm in the Dayton Ohio area and im looking for a nice pair of these, willing to travel a few hours if needed. Thanks!
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