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  1. Pair K Horns, 1965 (I think, not sure how to date), updated to AA's at some point before me, I've had them 16 years Pair Heresy (Birch) - I'll guess 80's, original Oil Can Caps - also had quite a while Pair Theater Heresy (1/2 plywood cabinets) - I'll guess 60's, alnico's, original Oil Can Caps - also had quite a while
  2. Don't hate me: I'm going with Motor Run Capacitors ... recapping 6 crossovers for $27 in parts, delivered.
  3. I'm going to say NOT "refreshed/re-capped" ... ever. These are, best I can tell completely unmolested and I may have been be the first person ever to open up the 1060. As circumstantial proof, the washers on the side screws were (and remain) still there, the screw heads unmarked, and the dust looks authentic 70's 😉. I've not looked in the 105B. THAT SAID ... the AMP works great in every way I can test - and it's been hooked up and playing for a while. I'm also sure, given a legit service, it'll sound even better. As noted above, aside from a power-on, I've not really checked the tuner. Cosmetically these ARE a 9.9 out to 10 - the tuner does have a minor scratch on one side, and given the right light, a little dark circle on the top. The Shells are not as pristine - perhaps a 5 on the one (top is def' scared) and maybe a 7-8 on the other. LOCATION ... These are currently in my NC Studio. At the asking price I will include shipping the lot - all 4 items - Cont' USA - well packed and prepaid and fully insured - you sign for delivery. Pick Up available, drop $100 lot, cash less another 5%. Breaking them up we'll have to discuss further.
  4. I'll start here, if no interest, Reverb and eBay. Both in stellar condition, including original feet and pre/power amp connector. Amp works great - I had it hooked up for a few weeks. Tuner is untested, may or may not work, looks like a couple lights need to be replaced. ALSO have genuine and matching original walnut veneer shells - one has marks on the top - I probably did that 10 years ago - but otherwise is in dammed good condition, as is the second shell, that is, in dammed good condition and with no caveats. Pics on request as I'm limited here Priced as follows: 1060: $600 ... fair price any day 105B: $100 ... maybe Great Shell ... $150 ... fair price any day Marked Shell ... $100 ... maybe So that's $950 for the lot ... $875 quantity discount ... I'll separate maybe ... depending ... and might negotiate ... maybe ... depending. All rights reserved.
  5. Thanks ... for me it was a space issue ... this in my temporary studio which is only 14 x 16. Next year there's a space, 16 x 25, opening up for these to have a "final resting place" - or at least until they pry it from my cold dead hands. At 70 years old that's about 15 years from now. Lemme know I'll put cha in the will.
  6. Thanks ... I looked at ALK's site .. didn't look hard but didn't see where he sold individual parts, and I think I'll just do it myself ... did see he's might proud of his work ... but maybe he's fine, and just a grumpy old man like me. Crites - who's a good guy by all accounts - wants $118 just for a 2-speaker set of AA capacitors
  7. I'll be fixing that very soon. Thanks
  8. BOOM ... thanks ... Q: does T2A have "taps" which can be accessed to adjust the level / attenuating the Squawker? (love that term) .. having that access would be great for some listening tweaks.
  9. I added some supports inside - turnbuckles and wood bracing, "gravity affixed" if you will, to take the load - I too was concerned about the weight reversal
  10. Not messing ... the "deeper sound" is leaving out of a corner. Tell me why the ceiling - built like the walls - is "worse". Sure the seal is not as tight, and If I had them right side up, they'd be on concrete, and yea clearly better .. but as they are - show me some science. My bigger issue by far is the crossover Full Disclosure: This is a temporary install - these are going to be relocated in a year or so ... but until then ...
  11. How would you know from that picture? OK - the horns are "backwards" - does that make a great difference? I doubt it ... what else ya got? (I'm just being awnry, but seriously .. How would you know from that picture?)
  12. Can you steer me towards those schematics? I need a AA and a Type E Thanks
  13. Speakers are 60's, afaik, but crossovers are clearly newer, but yes, they still have the old style cans. and to my ears they sound "harsh", or perhaps very honky or horned ... interferes with the music. A tube amp helps a bunch, but doesn't solve things. Normally I run these with a pretty good SS amp (Marantz 1070 or 1060) . I can solder ... over the years are they all the same values - I mean "as a set" - can I just buy two "AA sets". My K'horns are really hard to get to, hanging from the ceiling. I'd like to pull them down just once, repair and put right back up ... opposite, gettng help to pull them down, figure what they are, order, wait, repair, calling back help to put them back up, meanwhile squeezing around them for a week or more.
  14. I have a pair of 60's K Horns ... metal horns ... which were at some point upgraded to genuine Klipsch AA Crossovers. How do I know "when" to replace the capacitors?
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