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  1. This is perfect, thanks for the suggestion. I noticed the R-41M are on sale and have a key hole in the back of them. Is the sale at the moment better than what would usually come around black Friday or is it about the same @ the $172 Also would using the key hole to mount to a wall affect the rear firing port?
  2. Hello all, So I have been slowly upgrading my system, and now that my room will be more of a conventional setup allowing a true 7.1 I wanted to see where I should upgrade (if at all) so I am looking for suggestions. Currently I am running Denon AVR-1911 Front L\R - R-620F Center - R-34-C Surround and Rears - Quintet III I feel like the Quintet speakers are a little tinny sounding at times, so I wanted to upgrade them, however I can only do it in pairs. So I was wondering A) which would be best to upgrade first (surrounds, or rears) and then B) what suggestion on speakers. Also I plan to eventually upgrade the Denon to something that can handle Atmos and Front heights. Thanks in advance!!
  3. So I ended up getting an R-34c for about $50 off or so, and I will say that after a re setup on the receiver I did notice an immediate difference in a good way. It also made me want to start saving towards nicer floor standing L\R speakers. However while the difference was definitely noticeable and I have made some slight manual adjustments to levels, I have had a few instances where I thought dialog could be a little better, and was looking for this setting you referenced. I cannot seem to locate it. I found a button on the Denon remote that says "setup" in gray just over the button labeled Search. I cannot seem to figure out how to "activate" this secondary button and I went thru the standard menu and did not find references. Am I missing something or is it possible that my unit just doesn't have this feature capability (AVR-1911) Also as I continue to do my research, would the 1911 be capable of driving something like the R-820F or R-620F speakers? It looks like the 1911 is a 90watt per channel unit, and those speakers seem to be higher. I am a little of a dummy with these things, but isn't under powering a speaker just as bad as overpowering it?
  4. Good to know, however Im not sure where to start on trying to identify that. I know eventually I will want to more to floor standing speakers and use the remaining Quintet's as rear surrounds. I do have the Quintet center channel but Im not getting clear dialog, and Im assuming its just due to the speaker not being good enough or powerful enough (please correct me if that is an inaccurate assumption). If the clearance is the case then I assume I am stuck in the standard Reference series?
  5. I know that I have not gotten any response, so there may not be anyone that is able to assist but I had one more thought come up. I am in a situation with the center channel that it is on a shelf against a wall. I see some of the offerings have a rear facing "exhaust" that I assume is for Bass? Im guessing these would not be an acceptable option to have against the wall correct?
  6. Currently I am running a system with a Denon AVR-1911 paired with the Klipsch Quintet III satellite speakers, and a 12inch Klipsch powered sub (cannot remember the model number at the moment). This configuration worked out great in the home that I bought it in, but recently I have moved into a larger house. The room that we have setup as our theater room is above a 2 car garage, so its a bit larger than the original room. Maybe 17 x 20 however the current configuration has us with everything off to one side of the room, and we sit at about the 15-16 ft mark away from the front speakers. We have noticed issues with dialog for a long time, even after re configuring the receiver to the room using the supplied mic from the unit. I have always found that to be a good starting point but still having to manually adjust speaker levels. However even with adjustments, I found myself turning the receiver up to single digits in volume just to get mostly clear dialog and that ends up causing the other speakers to go out of wack by being too loud. I am not in a position to replace everything all at once, and eventually plan to get floor standing Left and right channels but cannot at the moment due to the current configuration of furniture. So I wanted to start with a center channel, but even after researching I still a bit confused on the best path to take. I was leaning towards the R-25C as its the "old model" and I cannot seem to find any real difference between that and the R52-c However I came across a Crutchfield sale for RP-400C and was wondering if this would be a better option? What Im looking for is a good center channel that will grow with my system, with the expectation that the current config (Quintet satellites for L\R, Rear) and this new center will be around for a while so I want it to at least sound decent and work well enough with each other. Any thoughts from some of the more well versed people here? Thanks.
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