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  1. Hi Kevin. Thank you very much again for answering me. I was finally able to solve the problem. Obviously the problem was with the pendrive. I had updated it with an 8 Gb pendrive. The light sequence made it as it should do to update, but it did not update. I got a very old 2 Gb pendrive, and I did the process. It was perfect, now it connects, and it reconnects without problems. Hope this works for users of this bar. Thanks a lot again Kevin. Greetings to all
  2. Kevin, thank you very much for answering. my device (S8) is listed as linked to the bar, but the blue light on the bar keeps flashing. It is not solid. And the sound of the phone selling through the phone's internal speaker. Same goes for Motorola. Thanks again
  3. Hello everybody. Sorry for my English. I have a newly purchased klipsch bar 48. I am from Argentina. I failed to pair my Samsung s8 or any device via bluetooth. I updated the firmware to the version of 5/15/2020 and it does not link either. The light is still flashing and the s8 says it is paired. The same with a motorola one. That could be happening? Thank you all
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