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  1. They'll be good as new after you do a little refinish. The KLF 30's are still one of my fav sounding Klipsch speakers.
  2. Great find. Would love to run into a single La Scala to use as a center channel.
  3. Appreciate the tip — I'll look into the spades.
  4. The sub is an RSW-15. So a decent size candidate for the Khorns. Also in my speaker config I have the sub turned off for 2-channel listening. It's just Pure Direct sound to the Khorns for CD's and records. And then the sub kicks on for movies, games, etc. Seems to be working decently so far.
  5. I cannot stop listening to music with them. It's like rediscovering it all over again. I've never heard such a live sounding, forward stage before. The bass response is so powerful and accurate. The tweeters are almost too harsh at times but is most likely due to being brand new and running the type of amplifier with them. I will say they're much less harsh than the highs on my RF-7's though.
  6. I'm extremely impressed with the overall craftsmanship on these speakers. The wiring and connectors are high grade. What would be a better connector on the speaker wiring other than banana plugs?
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