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  1. Hi All, This is my first time buying a receiver and I'm not sure which one I need for this setup: 4x CDT-3800-C II (In-ceiling speakers) 1x R-12SW (Subwoofer) Using Sony A9G tv speaker as the center speaker I will also be installing 2 outdoor speakers which I wanna be able to connect to the same receiver if possible. Give me your best recommendations without considering the price. I just want the best possible sound for listening to music and watching movies. Thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks for the response. My only issue is that I don't know where to put the center speaker given the wall where the TV will be has stones (see attached screenshot) and I'd hate to see it on the floor. Any suggestions? I'd like to get a little better experience than just casual.
  3. Hello everyone, so glad I found this community. I'm getting a new place and thinking about this setup in the living room. I'm new to all of this so would appreciate any feedback. The living room is 19x22ft and here's what I was thinking: 1x Denon AVR-X3600H 9.2-Channel (AVR) 4x CDT-3800-C II (In-ceiling speakers) 2x AW-400 (Outdoor speakers for Patio area) 1x R-120SW (Subwoofer) Few Questions: Will I need a center speaker with this setup? I was looking at the specs for In-ceiling speakers and it says the wire gauge accommodated is 12 ga. Do I need 12 gauge wire for room this size? Is there anything else you recommend? Main object will be to watch movies and play music on youtube. Thanks!
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