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  1. Yes, Rich The Music Box was located at 58 Central St. in Wellesley. I worked there with Bill Bell for 21 years. If you , or anyone have any questions please let me know.
  2. I am not surprised at all. The Heresy is an amazing speaker. I sold Klipsch at retail for 21 years and we regularly astonished people by playing Heresys before telling them what speakers were playing. The number of jaws that dropped was amazing. The La Scala is a truly wonderful speaker but when you consider the cost of a pair of La Scalas vs. Heresys in 1978 the Heresy is just unbelievable. Enjoy your Heresys! J.F.B.
  3. Hello, Klipsch fans this is my first post. I have been visiting this website for years but have never joined until now. The revival of the 2005 posting asking for information about The Music Box in Wellesley Ma. Pushed me to sign up as a member. I worked with Bill Bell at the Music Box from 1970 - 1991. It was a wonderful job. The best job in my whole career. I would be glad to answer any questions I can and will post more about The Music Box. Thank you J Figby Blotz
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