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  1. Being a Newb as i am, i'm a bit confused with setting LPF at 80hz at the reveiver and not 120hz at which seems to be the most recommended.
  2. Thanks guys, and @RandyH000, that's what i thought but wanted to make sure there wasn't some scenario i wasn't considering. I obsess over things at times.
  3. I am a first time purchaser of Klipsch products and have a question for you Klipsch Guru's out there........ After running a Samsung K950 Atmos Soundbar for 4 yrs., which served me well BTW, i wanted something new, so i decided on a 5.2 budget system. At my age (70) it should meet my needs just fine. I chose a Denon S540BT AVR (with hopes of upgrading at a later time) Klipsch R-10SW , R-25C, R-51M's and B-200's. The specs for the 51's and the 200's look about the same, so my question is......which, if either, would be better for the fronts? My listening area is small, approx. 13x15 and will use the system for 50% movies, 30% live TV and 20% music. Thanks😃
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