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  1. well was is the most important think about these Khorn ???? It is that the sound is now getting much better.... Is it the caps running ???? Is me enjoying them more and more ???? I do not know but I am not changing anything more for the moment.....I will just appreciate them..... Until...................who knows.............we will see....... Cheers to you all.
  2. as you say......the jacket became gooey sticky.......well this is not at all the case with my cables......
  3. well you all seems very anxious about that..... If the soldering is properly done as I am sure it was well done at the factory....there must not be any corrosion......so the connection is just fine no ? BY the way what cable did you choose to make the replacement ?
  4. Well I had the same situation on other monster cable I used to connect other speakers and it never went further...so as it is only a very tiny portion close to the end and as the conection is just perfect...i will not touch anything yet. I do not think this is a problem. My wire in fine all the long.
  5. @ Rodolpk6 Bonjour, Ces réparations sont superbes !!!!! Bravo. C'est quoi ce crayon de retouche pour meuble on pourrais je trouver cela ? J'ai besoin de faire la même chose.... Merci
  6. Well i tried both but I didn't find a difference in quality......
  7. @ mark1101 it is very very small and only at the beginning of the cable where there maybe a slight oxygenation the plastic of all the cable is strong...so no I do not have that problem. This problem is happening when the cable plastique protection is falling apart....it is not my case.
  8. well obviously as one tweeter was dead and that most of the caps were out of original specification because too old.......I can say that now my Khorns are working correctly. I am now using them to see slowly how they can fit at the best in the room and also maybe waiting a bit for the caps running in....
  9. Hi Rodolpk6 Nice job. How do you feel with them compared to your Belles ? You bought them from Serge from Le forum bleue ?
  10. How this thread is very technical.....sorry too much for me. So for my 1990 Khorns what impedance should i choose ? 4 or 8 ohms ? on my Almarro 318 B ? Thank you for your help
  11. HI, I just finished to recap my Khorn AK3 from 1991 with Bob Crites kit. I also change the diaphragm on one K77M
  12. @Milk Well as we did for me maybe you should check the serial number of the Woofer
  13. I have put them on the 19 ft wall with the false corner. I am only changing caps not the crossover.
  14. @ Shakey my room is 5.20X5.90x3.00 m so it is something like 17ftX19.36ft and the hight is 9.84 ft so i think it is correct.
  15. ok folks.......mistery is solved ! Thank you. I am now waiting for the K77M diaphragm and the Crossover Repair Kits from Bob Crites. Does anyone have done that ?
  16. I think my CW3 are fanstastic. Well i am not very happy with the horns yet...but one tweeter is dead so I need to change the diaphragm and I have ordered new caps for the AK3... So I hope to improve them
  17. the speakers are K77M square magnet, K55M and K33. They have been bought new in Saudi Arabia in 1995 from the offical Klisch dealer. To Budman why do you say 1990 ? Thank you for your help
  18. Hi every one, I am happy to have bought on Ebay old Khorn Ak3 I am still using a pair of Cornwall 3 and the idea was to improve my listening by this update. First-of all I could not "read" the serial number to learn about the date of production. Can you help me ?
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