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  1. @LBK I am In Lawrenceville near Sugarloaf Mills. Funny thing is that I bought a center speaker yesterday and met the guy in Doraville...at the Mad Italian on Savoy. I went with the RC3 center I found on Facebook Marketplace. It sounds so much better than the old Accoustimass center I had rigged up. I actually had to turn the center channel down a little. Ive read numerous reviews that indicated the RC3 would be overpowered by the RF3 but that’s not what I’m experiencing. It serves my purpose perfectly. Eventually I’ll swap out the rears for some Klipsch as well but that’ll have to wait.
  2. Howdy folks...new guy here needing some assistance. Disclaimer: I am not an audiophile. Never have claimed to be and probably never will. Here's a quick rundown of the goings-ons... Bought a house with a media room already wired by previous owner for 7.2. Immediately I looked at my 30 yr old Onkyo receiver and had feeling of inadequacy (lol). A week after I moved in the previous owner calls me and tells me that he no longer wants the speakers he used in that media room for a long time and wanted to give them to me. So I went and picked up the speakers and was thrilled to receive two Klipsch RF3 Towers and two Klipsch bookshelf speakers which are being used for my surrounds. Yes, they had some age on them but were in perfect condition. A week after that I purchased a used Onkyo TX-NR676 AV Receiver and a used Klipsch SW-350 sub. Went used because I got it all for $140 and I am not looking to drop a lot of cash on this endeavor. Wired it all up completing the system with my 30 yr old JBL bookshelf speakers for the rears. Then I went to wire up the center speaker and realized I had a glaring hole in my system...I didn't have a center speaker. To fill the gap in the interim I used my 30 yr old Bose Acoustimass woofer and center speaker set up. Yes, it works but YES, it sounds like garbage. It just sounds like the RF3s drown out the little Bose center. I've had to turn up the center all the way and subsequently turn the RF3 way down to adequately hear the center. So...long story short I am trying to figure out which center channel speaker I should get. I found a used RC3 center locally (Lawrenceville, GA) for $100 but thought it may still be too small to pair with the RF3s. My thought seems to be supported after a quick search on here. Will the RC3 work? Or should I go with a larger center? Recap of System: Onkyo TX-NR676 Klipsch SW350 powered sub Klipsch RF3s Left/Right fronts Klipsch bookshelf speakers for surrounds Old JBL bookshelf speakers for Rears Center (looking to change) is currently a rigged up 30 yr old Bose Accoustimass sub/center speaker.
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