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  1. Let me break it down further and answer one by one of you guys replies. First one: Hello to you as well and thank you. I've spent hours browsing and nothing, some gave good info but nothing I've seen so far has fixed the issues, but I'll keep searching. Thanks Second one: Not sure what your point is but if you need a bit of clarification on why I can't justify spending on this particular item 🤔 well I only spend on budgets I've pre planed, it is pretty obvious that finances across the nation are sketch at best. It might not be the way you do things but thats how do it. Third one: I was thinking on opening it up and find the issue but considering it's a brand new equipment I didn't want to mess with the warranty, but the way it looks I might have to forget about it and fix it myself. Good tip though thank you. Fourth one: The point I'm trying to convey is, what does it take to get someone on the phone especially for (like you said) such a trivial issue! I've called and email for two weeks now and no answer or response! 2 weeks my guy! I just want to do just that, replace it or return it. Fith one: I have! The first email( the one above) I tried to write it in a matter that will convey a minor mishap not "KAREN IS OUT ASKING FOR A MANAGER" a simple hey guys I think my system is either DOA or I messed something up can someone help? But I just get the same recordings on the phone lines and no response to emails, my ticket is still open! Thank you. Sixth one: Is this my first time buying electronics? Well I'm a network engineer so no, not my first time. Sometimes we get defective items. Yes, yes we do sir, my point exactly. I need to return this item, lol yes, yes I do, thats the whole point 😂 If I would've known that walmart was going to be better than buying from Klipsch trust me I would have! Seventh one: yes, yes it is. The joke is, did they went bankrupt and close up shop that's why thers no one to answer phones or emails!? Base in on the fact that I've been trying to get a hold of someone for a while now... Also FYI guys nothing that I've written here has been to mock or discredit anyone, I'm just wondering what could be the best way to get someone on the phone, I mean think about it, if you where to order a receiver or whatever and the box that arrives is full of sticks what would you do? Obviously you're going to feel frustrated and annoyed even if you spend a dollar on it you're going to feel deceived, thats where I'm at but at this point I'm probably just going to throw it in the trash can for Tuesday pick up.
  2. I'm definitely not the person that resolves everything by suing but at this point I think I should get an attorney involved just to get someone to contact me back. To give you guys some context I ordered the R4B 2 sound bar and wireless subwoofer, since day one the woofer didn't want to pair with the bar, no lights no nothing coming from the woofer, tried everything I could possibly do to get the thing working and nothing worked. I've tried calling numerous times and nothing, wrote emails to support and warranty and haven't heard back from no one. Now I feel incredibly let down and super frustrated 😞 I just want somebody that could answer my calls or emails and try to resolve my problem. Here is the first email I send more than a week ago the ticket is still open. Let me start with some context so whoever is reading this could understand my frustration and the sense of being let down I feel at the moment. I started looking for a sound bar/subwoofer combo I while back and Klipsch kept coming up to the point that I turned in to a "fan boy" of this brand, from the way it looked to the apparent quality of the products, so it's safe to say that when I saw the "Christmas in July" sale I got super exited! Not only the brand that I've become a fan of but the product that I wanted had become obtainable, not because I think it's unreasonably price at its MSRP but I couldn't justify spending $300+ in a soundbar in the times we're living. So I waited like a child waiting for Christmas day and the day finally came! I was so excited that I waited to be off the next day to open the box and completely re-arrange my living room for a date night with my fiance, we picked out one of our favorite movies this time was Star Wars The Revenge of the Sith and as we hit play our faces had the same reaction... not what we where expecting, me because this didn't sound at all like what I've seen and read online and my fiance's idea of what I've described to her was not even close to what I've been talking about non stop for the past month or two. Now date night became sort of a get on your knees infront of the TV to figure out whats wrong and oh boy the deeper I went the worse it got. First after spending some time on the TV settings I was able to have some decent sound coming from the bar, still not great and the lip sync was off but not as bad, I can kinda live with it, Second and the most frustrating thing (I think, not sure yet) is the fact that the subwoofer won't pair with the sound bar, i spend more than an hour trying to get it to pair and it won't mind you it's past midnight at this point and date night just went down the drain, I can put the bar on pairing mode switch the subwoofer to on and no light comes on even if I press the pair button nothing happens, did a factory reset of the bar no joy, search and search online no help, called that night which it was last Thursday and it was too late, had to work the next day so I waited to today (monday) and phones aren't working, I understand we're living in though times and maintenance is part of every company but now I'm sitting here with an unusable system that I was so hyped about. Help... Also the remote transmits in the same frequency as my TV so if I press +volume on the Klipsch remote it stops and plays whatever I'm watching , Bluetooth cuts in and out when I use my phone on it.. I haven't filled out the survey or posted anything about my issues online in the hopes that this is just some isolated issue and we can fix it, but at the moment I feel incredibly let down and completely astonished at the poor engineering of this product. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I'm not sure what to do at this point, obviously suing could be an overreaction especially for such amount of money but at the same time I feel conned by Klipsch.
  3. I've tried phones, different email addresses and no response back from anyone in days.
  4. HELP! I've tried everything in the manual and what little I found online and still can't get it to pair, did a factory reset and still the woofer won't pair. I was able to pair the soundbar to my phone and it worked perfectly. I don't see any lights on the subwoofer either. It kinda sucks that I just took it out of the box and I can't get it to work. R-4B 2
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