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  1. I had to go with the 600m’s, due to space considerations. The right tower would slightly obstruct the view of the bottom right corner of the screen - there is an object next to the right wall which cannot be moved. However I can place the right 600m on a thin stand, effectively positioning it above this object and solving this obstruction issue. Thank you guys for your responses!
  2. I put up some mock boxes to simulate the look of freestanders vs bookshelves and noticed that if I go with the freestanders my RF speaker would be obstructing a small part of the bottom right corner of my screen because there is a heating unit built next to the wall in the corner. While I can probably deal with this it might get on my nerves looking at it each time. Being so close to the side wall is another concern. The bookshelf speaker should fit fit better there if I get a skinny stand, it will fit over the heating unit, and I read that bookshelf speakers are better in corners than freestanders. That full range sound is so tempting though!!! Still on the fence...
  3. It really is LF RF and CC for now and then I’ll need to take care of the surrounds.
  4. I am in brooklyn new york. Where are you located?
  5. I am slowly realizing that I need to do this.
  6. Hi, I recently purchased a HTIB with Klipsch reference theater pack and a pioneer vsx-lx303 atmos ready 9.2 receiver. Having realized that the satellite speakers don’t sound that great when it comes to music I’ve decided to upgrade my mains L and R front speakers, while keeping the weak center channel satellite speaker and the 8 inch sub as-is and relegating the satellites as height speakers. I will end up with a 5.1.2 system when the first pair of satellites will serve as my front heights and the second pair of satellites will serve as my surrounds. Maybe I will eventually upgrade the center channel and the surrounds. First, what do you guys think of this idea, particularly the weak center channel? I am also debating between getting the 600-m’s or the 280f’s for the mains. My room is 15x12 feet and it is connected to the dining room. I have 9 foot ceilings. Will this space be too small for the 280f’s? Also, there are neighbors below me and I want to be considerate of the noise level. I presently shut off the sub in the evenings. I also plan to get an isolation pad to place under the sub. I don’t think I will be listening to the system very loud.. but if I get the rf-280f’s will they be too loud and too much bass? Initially I had an idea that I could just lower the rf-280 bass frequencies.. but just noticed that my receiver’s EQ can only control the frequencies on all channels, not individual channels. Will loud noise be a problem if I get the 280f’s? Thank you!
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