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  1. My setup is for watching movies in 7.1 surround and my speakers are set up this way. Some movies (more and more it seems) come with Dolby Atmos. I have a Denon AVR-S750H receiver which can do either. But to play Atmos means connecting Atmos speakers in place of the rear surrounds, which is a pain. Has anyone streamlined changing between rear surround speakers and Dolby Atmos speakers?
  2. Thanks for the input, guys. I will check out the suggestions. My front speakers, CA-8T are (or were before new cabinets) outdoor speakers: 8" woofer/driver with horn tweeter. They work well at very high volumes - but I am married. What worries me about Klipsch speakers is this article: http://www.alkeng.com/bad_AA.html As you can see the Klipsch crossover attenuates the mid range which is the opposite of what I want. A three way speaker is mandatory, I think, to get the most mid-range.
  3. Klipsch CA-8T reset in new boxes. These don't produce mid-frequencies too well either. Phantom mode does not seem to be a feature on this receiver.
  4. I have a Denon AVR-S750H receiver and 7.1 speaker setup. I have tried many center speakers and none of them deliver crisp dialogue in a movie. The best I can do is to use my Sony XBR 77A9G TV as the center speaker.but that has no bass and to me it sounds tinny. The Denon has all sorts of adjustments and I have rune the Audyssey setup which does not solve my problem. The best I can do involves turning up the relative volume on the center speaker, setting its crossover frequency to 200 Hz and using the graphic equalizer to boost the treble. 250 - 2000 Hz. I do not think I should have to do this but it is the only way to hear the dialogue and even so it is still a bit muffled. My current center speaker is a 3- way Proficient CC 525 which is better than others but still falls short in my judgement. Does anyone have a center speaker working wonderfully (that does not cost a small fortune)?
  5. Infinite resistance, 1.25 uf capacity. So there you go.
  6. Good point. I will remove it from the board and try some measurements.
  7. I just uploaded four photos but it did not accept the fourth even though total size was under 2 MB. It seems the other 3 were not posted eitherso I am trying again here with just the key photo:
  8. These are old speakers made in GDR!, perhaps not by Klipsch. Nameplate has VEB Statron Furstenwalde. And the front face RFT BR26 Classic On the crossover board, there are 2 other easily recognizable and marked capacitors but not this component which has SA-3 marked near it. It is in the tweeter circuit (which I want to modify). Here are some photos.
  9. I have a crossover which includes something that looks like a small (~1" long) yellow, cylindrical capacitor. There is no marking on it except for this: "Klipsch 1.25J" Anybody know what it is?
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