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  1. I pulled the unit about 7" from the wall and reran the calibration. Does seem to sound much better. Still not quite as good as what I was expecting though and found the dialogue still is a bit buried in louder scenes. Granted, I was watching The Dark Knight Rises and I know Nolan movies are infamous for buried dialogue, so will continue to test with other films. I calibrated the levels manually to 70db and bumped the center to about 72db. I find if I bump it much more than that, it sounds out of place in the mix and non-dialogue in the center like footsteps becomes far too loud.
  2. Thanks for the advice all. Going to try pulling it out a bit further and rerun calibration and see if that fixes things. Appreciate all the replies!
  3. RP-6000Fs. I'll try moving it out a bit more. Unfortunately because of the small room size, I can only move it out so far without it becoming an obstacle. How far would you recommend I move it out? Its about 3-4" right now. I've turned off any of the dynamic compression and also experimented with it on just to see. Didn't make much of a difference. The Sony also has different calibration modes that apply different room correction. I've experimented with all 3 and turned it off completely and nothing really sounds that good. I'm just shocked that a center channel that was 3 times the price of my previous one can't output a decent sound. I've heard it on display and it was nice and clear and the reviews are for the most part fantastic. Really getting frustrated!
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. The room is definitely small, 11x10 and listening position is about 8 feet away and is totally unobstructed. I'm using the RP-6000F has the L/R mains, which was recommended to me by several installers as the correct pairing with the RP-404C. Also, my previous center only had 3" drivers and again, cut through the mix. Really at a loss here!
  5. Hey all, Looking for some advice. I've just purchased the RP-404C for my home theater and I just can't seem to get a good sound out of it. Dialogue sounds very thin and is often drowned out in louder scenes when the L/Rs are firing. The center is placed just below my projector screen and is on a stand. It's angled slightly up to the main listening position and is about 3" from the wall. I'm using a Sony STR DN1080 as my AVR and I've had the issue with all audio streams including TrueHD and DTS-HD. My old (and relatively cheap) Infinity speaker was far more clear and cut through the mix even in loud scenes. I've run the Sony Auto Cal multiple times, tried different calibration modes (Full Flat, Engineer, Front Reference) and have boosted the center trim level up to 3db above what the auto cal set it to. I've checked all levels with an SPL and have the center running slightly hotter than the rest. If I boost it higher, it's overpowering and really sticks out unnaturally in the mix. I've currently got the crossover set at 70Hz but have experimented with 60-100Hz and nothing sounds great. Any advice on getting a better sound? I really expected more and so far am quite disappointed with the performance.
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