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  1. I use my phone and TIDAL music streaming for 90% of my music. I currently use RCA to 3.5mm ...... is this the best option for phone use or is there a better option. I feel like BT would have some data loss as opposed to being hard wired although i don't know that for sure. Also....I currently have my amplifier set at about 50% volume and use my phone to adjust the volume. Do you feel as though this is ok or should i set my phone at max and adjust with integrated amplifier's volume control.....or doesn't it matter. Thank you.
  2. oh nothing needs to get ugly. I am not going to take offense at anything.....looking for some ideas. I think something more in the range of 100 or 120 wpc would probably give me the head room i'm looking for...I like the ideas above.
  3. I am currently looking to find a new amplifier to power my Klipsch Chorus iis. Maybe what i have is sufficient / there isn't a better option but want to get some opinions. I am currently using a NAD C 350 integrated amp. 60 watts per channel. I think this is a good / adequate amplifier but am up for keeping my eyes open for certain makes / models that would be an upgrade / better match for the Chorus. NAD is what i bought back in 1988 when I bought my first pair of Klipsch KG2s and have always been a little partial to these but am completely open to all ideas. I also have a Adcom GFA 5300 / GTP 350 combo. I have not hooked these up to the Klipsch but in a side by side comparison against the NAD powering some older polks (a year ago) the NAD was the clear winner in sound quality to my ears. There are some carver amps local but not sure if these would be an upgrade......And I'd need to find a pre. 8 individual Carver amplifiers for sale. 1, TFM 45: $450.00 / 3, TFM 25’s: $300.00 each. / 3, TFM 15 CB’s $ 225.00 each. 1, TFM 15: $175.00. All amps work well and sound fantastic. Lights and meters operational as designed. Could you suggest some good used / new options in the 400-700 dollar range that you feel would be an upgrade. Thank you for your consideration.
  4. Tom Petty - the vast majority are master quality etc. Its a little hit and miss as to Master quality but either way the quality at which they stream is better than most and lends itself to those that have quality equipment. Just my two cents. I've had it for two months and use it every day.
  5. I put this in this category as i view this as a technical topic. I've been extremely happy with TIDAL music streaming. Their high bit rate and Masters collection is really incredible. .. TIDAL is delivering master-quality audio recordings directly from the source to HiFi members in partnership with MQA. I usually ask my friends to name the most obscure band they can think of and almost without fail Tidal has most if not the entire catalog. I think I pay 12 bucks a month and am entirely happy. Just thought I'd pass this along as people who value quality sound I think this is a really good option.
  6. On my way to pick up my first pair of Klipsch since the KG2s I bought in 1988.
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