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  1. Randy, I was able to get the A-S2200 for $3100, so no complaints from me. I got the ForteIIIs for $2600. I am happy as a clam in mud. Thanks Rob
  2. I have the Fortes with the A-S2200 and love the combo. Well worth the $$$$ spent.
  3. A quick update, I purchased the Forte IIIs. They will be here next Monday. I have the A-S2200 hooked up and all I can say is wow. What a huge difference going from the Advantage series as far as music is concerned. Thank you all again. Rob
  4. I am leaning on the Cornwall IVs after watching reviews. I believe they will suite my music taste more than the Heresy. Thank you all again for your advice. Thanks Rob
  5. I just purchased the A-S2200 to match my Yamaha CD S2100 and am looking at getting the Heresy or Cornwall IVs to replace RF 82s. Any recommendations welcomed. I mostly listen to classical music. Thanks Rob
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