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  1. I am selling my pair of RF-82 ii's pickup only ... great condition ...i hate to see them sitting doing nothing asking 500.00 obo RF82 RF821 RF822
  2. Well my room is not very big i have 2 recliners .. 100" screen i sit 11 feet from screen ...without redoing any sound adjustments i plugged in the rp-260's and the sound is just blended better. everything is more clear throughout ..
  3. I Currently have them sitting in the L/R position ... I am liking the blend of sound better ... i am going to give it a week or so ...thanks
  4. about 2Weeks ago i purchased a pair of speakers ,,,They are the RF-82 ii after a few days of using those in place of my r-28f's .. I sold my r-28's i couldnt bring myself to selling the rp-260 so i swapped again .. and to be honest the blend of sound seems to be a little better than with the big dual 8's i am going to leave there for awhile and really give them a shot ....
  5. I have a theater setup I did myself. not a pro by any means .I bought traded and sold to upgrade everything I have it’s a 5.2.2 Atmos setup. video- JVC DLA-HD550 Projector screen-100” Stewart Filmscreen Firehawk G5 Reciever- Denon AVR-X1500h Front stage : L/R - RF-82 ii Center - RC-35 Subs- (Pair) R-12sw’s Surround - (RS-52ii) Ceiling - (Pair) CDT-3800-Cii While buying selling and trading all this stuff in used market.. I ended up with a bunch of extra stuff I have sold a lot of it almost all of it . one pair of front L/R speakers I ended up with is a pair of RP-260f i have had a lot of Klipsch speakers . If anyone from Klipsch company is reading this ... in my opinion man you did it right on these . This line is a beautiful design . Anyway I see these for sale new for 900.00 and up for the pair . How much would you list these for sale ? I have dragged heels on selling these but I really don’t need them many ideas?
  6. LOL I Actually tried the RP-260f as surround speakers ... even tho they looked amazing ... they didn't sound bad they just didn't compare to the RS-52ii as far as surround speakers ...when i played music they sounded awesome ...i had them posted locally but its not gonna hurt my feelings to look at them everyday ..
  7. I would absolutely love to have a pair . I have 3 pairs of front L/R right now I would give all of them up for a pair of nice Ebony R-83 I was using a pair of R-28f’s for my front stage . But I recently acquired a pair of RP-260f and a pair of RF-82 ii ‘s I have mixed them into my surround to see if I could place them somewhere and after much listening and comparing I moved the RF-82ii to my front main. The RP-260’s are such a beautiful speaker .. I just wish they were dual 8”
  8. yes it does ... i did say :dual" so thats out i would still like to have them lol
  9. just curious what we come up with here .. maybe the RF-82ii or ???? let’s keep it simple Dual 8” speaker no modifications thanks
  10. I Was under the impression the rear surround speakers ... on a 5.1 .. and what im doing the 5.2.2 are to be located behind you 110-120 deg from listening position 1.... ?? its hard to position the rs-52ii exact to these specs because of shape of the bi directional speaker
  11. No .... i am saying i acquired a pair of RP-260f tower speakers ... i all-ready have the R-28f speakers set for my front left and front right currently Front left - R-28f---Dual 8" Front right - R-28f---Dual 8" Center Channel- RC-35 --- Dual 6.5" Rear Surround L - RS-52ii -- Dual 5.25" Rear Surround R - RS-52ii -- Dual 5.25" Subwoofer L - R-12SW --- 12" Subwoofer R - R-12SW --- 12" Denon AVR-X1500h What i was wanting to do is replace the (2x) - RS-52ii with the pair of RP-260f speakers .. but i found out pretty quick the RP-260 are not as lively as the RS-52ii in a theater application ..no matter how AWESOME they looked .... To address the other question you have about the R-28f vs The RP-260f .. You ask "instead of upgrading them to the RP-260f" ... I will not replace my R-28f with any speaker unless its another Dual 8" speaker like the RP-280f or the dual 10" RF-7iii or a pair of triple 8" RF-83"s ... The RP-260f is a beautiful speaker that is very nice .. and if all i was doing was listening to music .. They would prolly take the r-28f spot... However ... The R-28f are monsters i use them as primarily for my home theater .. I do not know where this "RUMOR" has started about the R-28F'S Being cheap .. i have heard people who have commented on these speakers saying, "They are (Best Buy) bottom of the barrel garbage" . "They are a dressed up synergy line speaker" . "They have crappy tweeters compared to any other model" . ... Or , "I just bought a pair of R-28f speakers and they sound horrible" ..etc You get what i am saying .. The R-28f is a Reference Line Tower speaker from Klipsch Just like the R-7ii or any other speaker .. usually the people who where complaining about them sounding horrible when they bought them found it was not the speaker that was causing the problem.. and all the other people that where complaining that it is best buy garbage .. had never owned one or borrowed one or even heard one to even try and compare it to any other model Just FYI "Magnolia"is a High end Home theater store Inside best buy ... and to be honest with you .. i actually REALLY like the design of this model with the port at bottom in the front .In my opinion they are Bad #$% - ..I don't understand the best buy logic at all .. i Guess if i bought a JVC DLA-NX9- 8k Home theater projector from best buy for 17,999.00 its not as good as the same model from star power Klipsch is Klipsch no matter who you get it from .. The Rp-260f is not an upgrade to my home theater in regards to replacing my front left and right speakers ... it would only be an update just because of the Reference Premier line . I hope this explain's "Cheers"
  12. well they sound amazing .... However its very different ,,, i put the RS-52ii back... posted the pair for sale with some other klipsch speakers i dont need .... Thanks for all of you info
  13. i have a few sets and singles avail for pick up only ...thanks RP-260F (PAIR)Tower speakers ---500.00 (ON THE FENCE ABOUT SELLING) R-2650-CSMII single speaker but its BRAND new unused 75.00 CDT-3650-C (PAIR) but one needs a solder repair..- (SOLD) KHC-6 (PAIR) 50.00---(SOLD) R-28F(PAIR)---(SOLD) Emotiva - XDA-2 DAC -(SOLD) RB-51 (PAIR)Bookshelf speakers *-(SOLD) RC-62 Center channel -(SOLD) i will post pics as soon as i can thanks klipsch 2 klipsch 1
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