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  1. If you really love bass as you say you cant go wrong with a horn loaded sub. I absolutely love my LaScalas combined with the thtlp (18"×24" footprint) I have a mile of headroom whatever I throw at them. CWIV or LSII both benefit!! Oh and the grill has magnets.
  2. The Tubas really dont need the corner boost. You'll be fine almost whereever you place it/them. But I have a mate who recently bought the newest CWs. Hes really happy with them Wonderfull speakers giving a kind of gitar amp sound.
  3. La Scalas will benefit from corner placement and you will have room for a THTLP (tuba low profi)l on either side of the window. Use a bench under the window for your equpment and it will be awsome!
  4. I'm new to this forum but have followed it for some time. All the way over here in Norway I discovered Klipsch Heritage and got myself some La Scala 2s. Also discovering they needed a little help in the lowest octaves I built 2 THTLP Fitzmaurice horn subs. These I crossover at 92.5hz and they blend seamlessly with the LS. Really happy with this combo. Hope your Table Tubas worked out as well. Hopefully this first post will get me in thouch with many good people here
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