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  1. Thanks for the replies: Talked to a Klipsch rep and they said 8000-L all the way around for my room size. Atmos would stay THX atmos. So now I'm looking at amps and others parts of the room to maximize the acoustics.
  2. Hello all, We are designing a dedicated home theater in a new construction home. I have been out of the component/speaker world for a long time and I would very much appreciate some help on selecting the right speakers for the theater. Room Dimension - 20W x 20L x 10H. Two rows of seats. 4 seats in front, 5 elevated in back. First row is 8' from front channels, second row is 14'. Our idea was to run a set of in-will speakers all around that consist of the THX series. Center: 504-L x1 R/L: 502-L x2 Sides: 502-L x2 or x4? Rear: 502-L x2 Atmos: 5002-L x4? Subs: 2x Help required: 1. Do we need two sets of side speakers, or one? Will they compete or complement each row? 2. Would the 8000-S be a better choice for a side speaker than the 502-L? 3. Atmos, do we need the 5002-L or 5002-S atmos speaker to complete a four speaker setup? Would the surround be wasted on a four speaker setup? 4. Atmos, should we use another ceiling speaker or are the 5002s a significant upgrade performance wise over other ceiling speakers? 5. How much power can the center channel take? The 504-L seems to have a wide range on its spec sheet, but can it really take 600w peaks? 6. Should the front speakers be 3x504s or 1x504 and R/L 2x502? If there are any other issues I have overlooked please let me know. I would like to thank all of you for answers and pro tips in advance. Cheers! LogDog
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